Java Weekly Newsletter - week 36 - September 10, 2019

Java Weekly Newsletter - week 36 - September 10, 2019

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi
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Java & Spring

  1. Candidate JEPs: Records and Sealed Types - Two related Java preview feature proposals that, when taken together, may be combined to form algebraic data types.
  2. Quick Guide to Building a Spring Boot Starter - Building your own starter can help with cross-cutting concerns and isn't all that difficult.
  3. Spring Bean Lifecycle: Using Spring Aware Interfaces - Learn more about using Aware interfaces to access Spring bean lifecycle events.
  4. Know for Sure with Property-Based Testing 
  5. Working With Resources in Spring  
  6. Java Optionals to the Rescue
  7. Autowiring in Spring


  1. The first Github Actions
  2. Using variables in Docker-Compose
  3. Modern applications at AWS


  1. Writing Custom Web Element Actions With TestProject
  2. 8 Benefits of Unit Testing
  3. Chaos Engineering: A Comprehensive Guide


  1. MongoDB Atlas Data Lake, Now Explorable with MongoDB Compass - MongoDB Data Lake, currently in beta, is a fully managed data lake as a service that lets you explore semi-structured data stored on AWS S3 (other stores to be supported in due course) using the MongoDB Query Language.
  2. Refactoring a Relational Database to Amazon DynamoDB — A walk through the process of reading, transforming, and writing SQL Server data from an Amazon EC2 instance to Amazon DynamoDB using AWS Glue.
  3. SQL JOINs, Explained Without the Venn Diagrams — JOINs and UNIONs are the first big learning curve after getting your head around SQL basics.
  4. Using Spring Data Redis in Spring Boot 2.0 to Write a Custom Query
  5. On Par With Window Functions