Java Weekly Newsletter - week 26 - June 24, 2019

Java Weekly Newsletter - week 26 - June 24, 2019

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

Java and Spring

  1. -  Java in 2019 – Some Predictions.
  2. - How to apply The Scientific Method in Software Development.
  3. - An overview to EBAC for fine-grained access control, with a few examples using Spring Security. Cool beans.
  4. - How to map a PostgreSQL Enum ARRAY to a JPA entity property using Hibernate.
  5. - Micronaut for Spring Allows Spring Boot Apps to Run as Micronaut Apps.
  6. - Threading Questions in Job Interviews (1/2)
  7. - Building a VPC with CloudFormation - Part 1
  8. - Building a VPC with CloudFormation - Part 2
  9. - Drive Innovation in Software Development: How to Choose Between Incremental and Fundamental Change
  10. - How to manage S3 Objects in CloudFormation templates
  11. - Shipping More Safely by Encouraging Ownership of Deployments
  12. - Bye bye Mongo, Hello Postgres
  13. - Introduction to Java Garbage Collector
  14. - Java NIO Selector
  15. - Collection Factory Methods in Java 9
  16. - The Final Pieces of Java 9 and Project Jigsaw Are Coming Together
  17. - Java Time (JSR-310) enhancements in Java SE 9
  18. - How to Find Redundant Indexes in SQL


  1. - is a practical blog post that helps you to write your first unit tests with Kotlin and JUnit 5.
  2. - is a good blog post that describes how you can mock static methods with PowerMock when you are using JUnit 4. Also, even though some people think that mocking static methods is a bad practice, this technique can be really useful when you are writing tests for legacy code.
  3. -  is a good blog post that identifies six things that which help you to ensure that the correct data is saved to your database.
  4. - is a thought-provoking blog post which identifies the benefits of pairing developers with testers. Also, this blog post gives you some basic tips that help you to get started with this practice.
  5. -  is a useful blog post which shares 15 tools that will make your life easier when you are testing your application.


  1. - An Opinionated Guide for Writing Clean, Maintainable SQL
  2. - How we migrated our database to Amazon Aurora with zero downtime
  3. - Linear Interpolation with PostgreSQL


  1. - It's a kind of magic: under the covers of Spring Boot by Stéphane Nicoll & Andy Wilkinson
  2. - 10 Ways to Get Super Productive with Spring Boot