Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter (JSEWN-S2E7) - week 7 - February 17, 2020

Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter (JSEWN-S2E7) - week 7 - February 17, 2020

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

Hello readers!

Do you already know that JDK 14 RC is ready? It's time to learn what is in the box. Also, one thing is interesting to know that 36% of developers switched from Oracle JDK to an alternate OpenJDK distribution, over the last year, that's wow. At my current project, we use Amazon Corretto 11 and totally satisfied with it. What kind of JDK do you use at your current project?

Are you obsessed with something? Here is a fun article about the guy who embraced his obsessions and gained success from it. At this point, my obsession is this kind of work, I love to prepare weekly newsletters that help me learn new stuff, be on a cutting edge of laters tech news and spread my thoughts. And what is your passion?

A new bunch of important articles in the tech world from the last week is waiting for you. As always grab some hot beverage and get your dose of knowledge.

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👉 You can have two Big Things, but not three - the ideas in this article are so simple and obvious, but only after you read it.


  1. Java 14 Feature Spotlight: Records - A deep dive into the records preview feature with Java Language Architect Brian Goetz.
  2. Multitenancy Applications with Spring Boot and Flyway - A basic example of how to bind an incoming request to a tenant and its data source, with practical tips on managing multi-tenant database migrations.
  3. How to map a PostgreSQL ARRAY to a Java List with JPA and Hibernate - You'll need to update to version 2.9 of the Hibernate Types project to take advantage of this enhancement.


  1. TDD Classic State Based UI - A practical application of TDD to heavyweight, state-based UI frameworks, using a Java Swing example.
  2. HTTP methods: Idempotency and Safety - deep dive into properties of HTTP methods.
  3. The Laboring Strategist, A Free-Agent Anti-Pattern (And How to Fix) - An intro to the certified Solo Content Marketer and its parallels to the freelance software engineer who fancies himself a consultant.


  1. The What, Why, and When of Single-Table Design with DynamoDB — Data modeling when using AWS DynamoDB is quite.. different from when using most other database systems, particularly if you follow the advice to use a single table for all of your records. Alex breaks down how single-table designs work and why you’d take this approach.
  2. Database Research in 2019: The Year in Review — Alex likes to keep up with the latest in DBMS technology and here he covers some of the highlights of what he saw in 2019 along with links to the relevant papers
  3. ▶  Discussing Advanced NoSQL Data Modeling in DynamoDB — What a treat! AWS’s Rick Houlihan is well known for his advanced DynamoDB talks and now he’s on the Serverless Chats podcast talking about the use cases for NoSQL, why single table designs are so powerful, ways to model relational data with GSIs, and, of course, a lot more (there’s even a part 2). A must-listen for both NoSQL and DynamoDB users.

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