Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 6 - February 10, 2020

Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 6 - February 10, 2020

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

Hello guys, this is the 6th issue of the year - grab your coffee and have a nice reading.

I hope you as thirsty to the latest news from the engineering world as me, so in this case, you will be fulfilled with news, articles, tutorials and some interesting thoughts about personal development and motivating your teams.

👉 Normalization of Deviance


  1. Java Records (JEP 359) - A good way to reduce the verbosity of pure data classes without relying on third-party libraries like Lombok.
  2. What is Spring Framework? From Dependency Injection to Web MVC - A good primer for anyone new to Spring — as well as those who began with Spring Boot.
  3. Java Records: An Introduction - Examples of using this new feature
  4. Working With Temporary Files/Folders in Java - The Java NIO.2 API provides support for working with temporary folders/files. This tutorial demonstrates how to work with these files in Java.
  5. All Dependency Injection Types


  1. Understanding NULL Values in SQL Queries — The concept of NULL values in SQL queries often cause trouble for developers and this post deftly explains their special status and how it can affect queries.
  2. PostgreSQL 12 Now Generally Available on Heroku — Heroku is perhaps the world’s biggest Postgres deployment.
  3. Data Migrations Don’t Have to Come with Downtime — Why Nextdoor re-architected their Redis set up to improve availability and resilience and how they kept things running during the move.
  4. Redisson: A Redis Java Client with In-Memory Data Grid Features
  5. SQL Exists and Not Exists


  1. One-Month of Microsoft DKIM Failure and Thoughts on Technical Excellence - The author shares his month-long experience with Microsoft tech support.
  2. Do I Need an API Gateway if I Use a Service Mesh? - While these tools often overlap in terms of functionality and technology used, they have very different roles.
  3. How Amazon is solving big-data challenges with data lakes
  4. Maven Tips and Tricks - Piece of advice from the pro
  5. Code Coverage vs Test Coverage — Which Is Better? - Test coverage and code coverage are popular, but what about the differences between the two? This article goes in depth to explain them.


  1. Introduction and History of Unit Testing [Part 1] - We all know we should be incorporating unit testing into our development processes, but do you know the history of this concept? We take a look into the history of test automation to get a look at where this all got started.
  2. Unit Testing Guidelines: What to Test and What Not to Test - Unit testing can often take on a rather broad connotation. We try to help narrow down the phrase in terms of what it should (and shouldn't) cover.
  3. The Role of Unit Tests in Test Automation - Because TDD and AAA complement each other so well, you should combine them with test management tools to get the best results on your DevOps test automation projects.
  4. The Deadly Sins of Unit Testing — Part 1 — These seven habits make for bad unit testing. Make sure you're not falling into these traps.
  5. The Deadly Sins of Unit Testing — Part 2 — Sloth, envy, and lust...learn how to spot and avoid slow dependencies, greedy algorithms, and inappropriate intimacy code smells to improve your unit tests.
  6. Unit Testing Anti-Patterns — Full List — Let's take a look at anti-patterns to avoid when it comes to unit testing.


  1. Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.

This could definitely save your project

Check out the article on regarding the importance of asking questions. The best quote, in my opinion, is "The most wonderful thing about asking people for impossible things is that sometimes they say YES!"

Don't be afraid to ask people questions and have a nice productive week!

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