Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 52 - December 30, 2019

Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 52 - December 30, 2019

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

Hi guys, this is the last issue of the Java Software Engineering Newsletter this year and despite the holidays we still have lots of great news and updates during the last week. So take the cup of coffee sit comfortable and check them out!

JEP 305: Pattern Matching for instanceof


  1. Near Real-Time Indexing With ElasticSearch - author writing about his way of resolving the issue with indexing using ElasticSearch.
  2. Java 14 features - Pattern Matching for instanceof, jpackage & helpful NPEs - review of latest updates from Java 14.
  3. Java Microservices: A Practical Guide - a huge article that teaches from starting the basics everything about moving from monolith to microservices including what is a monolith, what framework to choose, brokers, logging and other popular questions.
  4. Java 14 Is in Feature-Freeze and Release Rampdown - Now that the release process has begun, learn which JEPs made the cut.
  5. Getting to Know Deep Java Library (DJL) - A nice overview of Amazon's engine-agnostic machine learning toolkit for Java.
  6. GitHub Actions for Java – automate your Maven workflows - everything you have to know about actions and how to use them in practice.
  7. Develop a REST API Using Java and Jetty - In this tutorial, you will build a simple web service with Jetty embedded. After that, you will build the same web service in Spring Boot and Jetty.


  1. Top 12 DevOps Tools for Your DevOps Implementation Plan - Here are the DevOps tools you need to keep under your belt.
  2. DevOps — A Booster or A Brake for Your Business? - This article describes some primary DevOps practices, including collaboration, CI/CD, and infrastructure-as-code, to consider in your DevOps adoption.
  3. Creating a JWT Authentication Web API in 5 Minutes - In this brief article, see a video on how the author created a JWT authentication Web API in 5 minutes.
  4. The path to technical leadership: how to go from developer to team leader
  5. JVM vs DVM - In this article, we’ll see the differences between Java Virtual Machine and Dalvik Virtual Machine
  6. Don’t lead by example - Being a strong tech lead is very different from being a strong engineer. Let’s start by dispelling a common leadership myth: that you should “lead by example.”
  7. Rebooting datastores into the future


  1. Top Testing Types to Use in Automation Testing - See which tests you should be focusing on.

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