Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 50 - December 16, 2019

Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 50 - December 16, 2019

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

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  1. State of Valhalla - A well-worth reading update to Project Valhalla and the future of Java.
  2. Java Microservices: A Practical Guide - A great primer on microservices, with practical advice on how to architect and build them in Java.
  3. Spring Framework maintenance roadmap in 2020 (including 4.3 EOL) - By the end of 2020, only Spring Framework 5.2.x and 5.3.x will be actively maintained.


  1. Testing on the Toilet: Tests Too DRY? Make Them DAMP! - The article from googlers how to make tests more readable
  2. JUnit 5 and Selenium – improving project configuration - And a quick tutorial on leveraging the power of JUnit 5 with the Selenium Web Driver.


  1. Suffering-Oriented Programming: Don't Build Technology Unless You Feel the Pain of Not Having It


  1. Project Gemini: An Open Source Automated Random Testing Suite for Scylla and Cassandra Clusters — Project Gemini is ScyllaDB’s new automated random testing suite for data integrity of Scylla and Cassandra databases, now released as open source software.
  2. Field Level Encryption Now Generally Available in MongoDB — MongoDB 4.2 introduces the ability to selectively encrypt and decrypt document fields in the application before data is sent to the database. JavaScript, Python, Java, C# .NET, and Go drivers are available now supporting the feature, along with v4.2.2 of the Mongo shell.
  3. Google Introduces Storage Transfer Service for On-Prem Data — Unlike AWS Snowball this isn’t a physical solution, it’s basically software to both rapidly speed up and increase the reliability of the data ingress process.


  1. Fx: A Command-Line JSON Processing Tool — If you’ve got some files full of JSON that you want to process, Fx will slice and dice it however you want, including using JavaScript one-liners to add a bit of logic to the process.

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