Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 48 - December 2, 2019

Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 48 - December 2, 2019

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi


  1. JDK 14: Records, Text Blocks, and More — check out the latest updates
  2. Spring Security – Lambda DSL — the new configuration style, introduced with Spring Security 5.2, will look familiar if you've used the DSL for Spring Cloud Gateway or Spring Integration
  3. Configuring JDBC in TomEE — A good write-up that shows how to configure a JDBC data source server-wide or for a specific web app.
  4. Securing EJBs with SSL on Wildfly 18 — And a quick guide to configuring SSL for EJB connections using Elytron, Wildfly's new security framework.


  1. 5 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years of Programming — A collection of valuable lessons learned by a seasoned software professional.
  2. The Results of A Comparison Between Five CI/CD Services — Check out how the deployment of a Dockerized Node app is handled by five different CI/CD services.
  3. Microsoft REST API Guidelines
  4. Firefox WebReplay


  1. Top 10 Automated Software Testing Tools — Here's an overview of the most trending software testing automation tools to help all the software testing folks out there.


  1. Spring Boot Database Project Configuration for Logging Using AOP — In this article, see how to set up an asynchronous framework in a Spring Boot project for logging.
  2. Amazon Athena Adds Support for Running SQL Queries Across Multiple Sources — You can now run SQL queries across data stored in relational, non-relational, object, and custom data sources – so just imagine running a query joining S3, Redshift, CloudWatch, MySQL, DynamoDB, etc. Currently in preview in one AWS region for now.
  3. SQL Performance Explained: The Database Tuning Book for Developers — In honor of next Monday’s Cyber Monday (a sort of digital answer to Black Friday, I guess), Markus has temporarily made his fabulous SQL performance book available for free for a few days. Your reading for this weekend is all set!
  4. You Can Now Bring Your Own Encryption Keys to Amazon DynamoDB — DynamoDB has introduced support for customer managed customer master keys (CMKs) to encrypt DynamoDB data, a.k.a. BYOK.

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