Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 47 - November 28, 2019

Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 47 - November 28, 2019

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi


  1. Guide to Java Versions and Features - Here's everything you need to know about different Java versions and features
  2. Spring Security OAuth 2.0 Roadmap Update - Following the story of Spring Security simplifying and replacing the legacy Spring Security OAuth 2.x project, with full feature parity expected in Spring Security 5.3!
  3. Learn Spring Boot - tutorials set


  1. ExploratoryTesting - by Martin Fowler


  1. AWS Data Exchange: Find, Subscribe To, and Use Data Products — Another week, another new AWS service! Data Exchange is an addition to AWS Marketplace that contains “licensable data products from over 80 data providers” in areas like financial services, health care / life sciences, geospatial, weather, and mapping.
  2. PostgreSQL 12.1, 11.6, 10.11, 9.6.16, 9.5.20, and 9.4.25 Released — Fixes over 60 bugs that were reported in the last several months.
  3. How to Encrypt Your Existing AWS RDS Database — And without loss of data and with minimal downtime too.
  4. An Interview on What Makes PostgreSQL Unique (Extensions) — Dimitri Fontaine interviewed Craig Kerstiens about the importance of extensions in the Postgres ecosystem and what his favorites are.


  1. Spring Framework 5.2 - Core Container Revisited by Juergen Hoeller