Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 41 - October 13, 2019

Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 41 - October 13, 2019

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

Java & Spring

  1. What's new in Spring Data Moore? - Tons of new features across the board, with a strong focus on Reactive, Kotlin, and Performance.
  2. JUnit 5 And Selenium – Using Selenium Built-In ‘ PAGEFACTORY' To Implement Page Object Pattern - A great way to improve the reusability and maintainability of your test code.
  3. Working with structured data in Java - Parse, compare and manipulate JSON-based data
  4. Spring Security – Attacking OAuth - Explore an OAuth attack based on redirection URLs and how to mitigate them with absolute URL matching.
  5. Spring Validation Message Interpolation - Learn how default Spring message interpolation works and how to create a custom message interpolation engine.


  1. 25 AWS Security Tips: Securing Your AWS Environment - The folks at Threat Stack bring you 25 ways to help you secure your AWS environment as part of their ongoing series about making your AWS security as solid as it can be.
  2. Deep Dive Into OAuth2.0 and JWT (Part 1 Setting the Stage) - Take a deep dive into OAuth2.0 and JWT.
  3. Differences between Keystore and Truststore - Finally master pesky Keystore and Truststore.


  1. Mocking a WebClient in Spring - Mocking the fluent Spring WebClient interface for testing is possible but hard work. MockWebServer is easy to use an alternative.
  2. How to Build a Cross-Platform Matrix for Usability Testing
  3. Top Seven Browser Compatibility Testing Tools For Developers in 2019
  4. 22 Reasons Why Test Automation Fails For Your Web Application


  1. Formally Modeling Database Migrations — An interesting look at modeling a database migration in order to ensure it will be safe and accurate.
  2. Tracing Postgres's Query Processing Internals with a Debugger — Wow, this is some serious query debugging. I have no urge to dig this deep into Postgres, but it’s handy to know how if you do.
  3. Building Serverless Data Pipelines on Amazon Redshift By Writing SQL with Datacoral
  4. A SQL 'Murder Mystery' — A self-directed lesson to learn SQL concepts and commands and a fun game for experienced SQL users to ‘solve an intriguing crime.’
  5. A SQL Implementation of An Ancient Handwriting Recognition Algorithm
A fun thread on Twitter. You need to dig around a bit but there are some interesting/gruesome examples in here.