Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 2 - January 13, 2020

Java Software Engineer Weekly Newsletter - week 2 - January 13, 2020

Oleksandr Stefanovskyi

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Let's start with an inspiring tweet, so you'll be enough motivated to begin this week full of courage to change the world in the way you can.

As always the latest news and articles about Java, Engineering, Microservices and Databases at your service.


  1. Manage multiple Java SDKs with SDKMAN! with ease - A good intro to this handy tool for installing and switching between multiple versions of Java, Maven, Gradle, Spring Boot CLI, and more. Very cool.
  2. One-Stop Guide to Profiles with Spring Boot - A nice intro to profiles, along with practical advice regarding when to use them and, just as important, when not to use them.
  3. Rethinking the Java DTO - And an interesting approach to request/response DTO design in Java using a proliferation of enums, interfaces, and Lombok annotations.
  4. Method parameter validation with Spring and JSR 303 - short and descriptive way to validate parameters.
  5. Spring Boot Autocomplete with Elasticsearch - how to add an autocomplete feature to your Spring Boot application with just a few lines of code using Elasticsearch Spring Data.
  6. macOS: essential tools for (Java) developer - extremely useful in case if you are new to the OS, most of them are cross-platform and you probably already know about them.


  1. Microservice Observability, Part 1: Disambiguating Observability and Monitoring
  2. Microservice Observability, Part 2: Evolutionary Patterns for Solving Observability Problems

Worth to be mentioned

  1. On Developers' Productivity - A fresh look at the myth of the 10x developer and the problems associated with evaluating developer productivity.
  2. 10x engineer origins - if you hear about the term for the first time


  1. RDS's Price Premium over EC2 Can Be More Than You'd Expect — RDS is Amazon’s Relational Database Service which can provide fully managed Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. service on AWS. The increasing price premium of RDS over EC2, however, surprised this developer.
  2. SQL, NoSQL, and Scale: How DynamoDB Scales Where Relational Databases Don't — It’s only a hunch, but I think we’re only going to see DynamoDB and some of its concepts continue to become more popular this decade. This interesting, lengthy article digs deep into scalability and how DynamoDB’s ‘restrictions’ (or tradeoffs) help avoid scaling problems.
  3. MySQL is DB-Engines' DBMS of the Year 2019 — Well I certainly didn’t see that coming, but DB-Engines saw MySQL gaining the most ‘popularity’ in its ranking system across 2019. Oracle is runner up. Hmm.

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