Japan's Fujisawa Transformed into a Muscular Body Builder

Japan's Fujisawa Transformed into a Muscular Body Builder

Japan's Fujisawa, who competed with curling 'Team Kim', transformed into a muscular bodybuilder

Skip Fujisawa Satsuki (32) of Japan's 'Team Fujisawa', who competed with Korea's 'Team Kim' in women's curling at 온라인카지노

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, 'surprisingly' transformed into a bodybuilder and drew attention.

According to Japan's Nikkan Sports on the 24th, Fujisawa participated in the body makeup contest 'MOLA CUP' bikini class held in Mito City,

Ibaraki Prefecture on the 22nd, and won a bronze medal in the 'Women's Bikini Novice' and a silver medal in the 'Women's Bikini Open'. won

Looking at the competition photos released by Fitness World Japan (FWJ) on SNS,

Fujisawa changed from her cute looks to a muscular bodybuilder at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics (bronze medal) and Beijing Winter Olympics (silver medal).

Nikkan Sports explained, "Fujisawa trained through training for about three months and transformed like a different person.

He started training in earnest for this tournament in April of last year.

One month before the tournament, he strictly followed his diet."

According to the newspaper, Fujisawa will start training at the ice rink in August,

Travel to Canada from September, and go to the Pan-Continental Curling Championships in November.

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