Jamnovel The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage novel - Chapter 1486 - Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy Whatever You Wan thrill flap reading-p2

Jamnovel The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage novel - Chapter 1486 - Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy Whatever You Wan thrill flap reading-p2

Lovelyfiction 《The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage》 - Chapter 1486 - Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy Whatever You Wan realize scare recommend-p2

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Novel-The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage-The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1486 - Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy Whatever You Wan quarter stamp

Nevertheless these folks were always alongside one another, they failed to even validate the other as boy and lover, and yet he wanted to get wed right away?

They contemplated their manager as someone spectacular and since consistent like a shrub whom most people in B Location were actually dealing with for getting betrothed.

He explained, “Come, Feiran. Take a look, which one can you like? I’ve picked up all people to have in this article to save the headache. There’s n.o.body right here now. You may spend some time to pick.”

The store team looked, and upon seeing that it turned out Mu Feiran, his vision sparkled.

She understood who that has been. It turned out Black Eagle’s right-fretting hand gentleman, Very little 8-10.

A number of people went in.

When it was about going after ladies, that they had the feeling. However they possessed never come across anybody like Mu Feiran.

When they talked, they begun stuffing Mu Feiran’s points up.

The agony of needing folks chased gone was healed in an instant.

Why managed Mu Feiran demand failing to get wedded?

Dark-colored Eagle reported, “Not in that degree… then what degree? Progressing to sleep?”

Anyone beside Mu Feiran were built with a poor feeling…

Sobbing without tears…

But it really was just him who sensed that way…

Mu Feiran have from the vehicle in great shock and noticed the person seated on the inside. He was considering his cellular phone, located on a french-fashion deluxe chair, showcasing how gentlemanly he would seem. In the dining room table beside was some green wines.

When she went above, she well-advised Mu Feiran, “Go, Sis Feiran. This supplier reported the photos undertaken each morning were definitely effectively used, nevertheless he still insists on filming. Mister Mo has excellent objectives for yourself. Go, go.”

Gosh, listed here we go just as before.

“I’m recording.”

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Dark Hawk immediately pushed the doorway and walked in. He caught Mu Feiran against the walls. With his vault dark-colored vision, he leaned downward, almost glueing himself to her face.

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Precisely what the h.e.l.l?

Mu Feiran said, “I don’t prefer to. Do you have the goal of forcing me?”

‘Of training course, I am aware,’ Mu Feiran thought in their go, ongoing filming…

They took an escape in the middle.

Nonetheless it got end up Minor Ten.

The next day, she awoke and yet no appearance of Black colored Eagle.


There was clearly no this sort of intention, but Black color Eagle failed to know how to proceed sometimes.

Many people went in.

“Boss, fantastic girls are terrified of pestering gents. Do not drop belief. Sooner or later, sibling-in-regulation would consent to the relationship.”

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She slowly created her technique to the business to the advertis.e.m.e.nt.

All people looked at their supervisor and put into practice all over speedily.

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“It’s also tedious. Our employer stated that advertis.e.m.e.nts should bring simply a morning hours. It’s as well demanding on your human body.”

Mu Feiran claimed, “I don’t choose to. Have you the intention of pressuring me?”

Scheming Villainess's Counterattack?

Mu Feiran have within the nanny truck.

What are the h.e.l.l?

She swiftly pushed him. “Mo Jinyan, can get your clothing back on?”

Find Black color Eagle to protest?