Jamaica Travel Authorization - Getting to Know the Requirements

Jamaica Travel Authorization - Getting to Know the Requirements


When planning your Jamaica Travel Authorization, you need to understand what it is and how it can affect you when planning your trip to the island. If you travel for business or pleasure, you will need a Travel Authorization to allow you to travel to Jamaica. This landing page contains information about Jamaican travel for business or pleasure. It includes information about travel authorizations, tourism, special zones and entry requirements.

You must have a Jamaica Travel Authorization in order to travel to Jamaica. It is valid for six consecutive month. This is also referred to as the Regulatory Entry Number, or RIN, for ease of identification at the customs checkpoint. You can obtain your Jamaica Travel Authorization from any one of the following three ways: by mailing in an application, by telephone or online.

For those who would like to apply directly by mailing in their application, there are three options. Those who are traveling from out of the United States can send their application by certified mail with a receipt that they received and with a signature guarantee from the addressed part. Although it is the fastest option, it can be risky. It is important to note that it can take time to process your application if you don't have a Jamaica Travel Authorization. Three reasons are behind this delay. One is the signature of the traveller being affixed to the Jamaican flag.

A telephone request can take up two weeks to receive a response. However, those who submit an email request will get a reply in minutes. Those who want to go through the whole process by mail can do so, but expect the processing time to take longer, perhaps three to four weeks, as opposed to the seven to ten days that can be spent by those who use the internet method of application. The other difference is that you need to keep all documents pertaining to your trip. Documents include passport, airline tickets, entry permit, itinerary and all the documents that are related to your personal information as well. Keep in mind that obtaining a Jamaica Travel Authorization needs to be done from the Jamaica Tourism Authority only, at the port of call where your passport was registered.

When you visit Jamaica, no matter if it is a one-day holiday or a two week stay, you will need to present yourself in the manner that is required under the law and you will also need a valid Jamaica Travel Authorization before gaining entry. Jamaica does not have a port-of-entry policy and does not accept visas. What they do have is a list of customs officials, who will check all travellers to ensure that they are not trying to illegally enter the country. If they determine that you are trying to enter the country in a way that is contrary to the law, then you will be asked to leave the country immediately. What you will find happening is that most people who are caught will not be permitted to leave the island, and instead will spend the balance of their time within the dock, waiting to be caught again.

Another important part of entering the country through an airport is to fill out the health declaration form and then to go down to the local port of call. From there you will need to be prepared to wait up to seven to ten days for your paperwork to be completed, as well as the paperwork for a visa. The final step is to check-in at the port of entry. You will be traveling to another country with your travel form, so ensure you carefully read the information.