Jam-upnovel Unrivaled Medicine God webnovel - Chapter 2126 - Stabilizing the Universe! lowly cool read-p2

Jam-upnovel Unrivaled Medicine God webnovel - Chapter 2126 - Stabilizing the Universe! lowly cool read-p2

Wonderfulfiction Unrivaled Medicine God - Chapter 2126 - Stabilizing the Universe! thunder suspend quote-p2

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Chapter 2126 - Stabilizing the Universe! waiting continue

Time flew by, inside of a blink, half annually already pa.s.sed.

Remedies Ancestor provided a cool snort plus pointed an extra finger out, getting incomparably sharpened.

Ye Yuan’s strategy was completely not worthy of talking about while watching two great sovereigns. Nonetheless it was precisely as a result of his overall look that made the world be a little more great.

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Underneath Ye Yuan’s partic.i.p.ation, a wonderful society was being sketched out step by step.

“The problem isn’t good! You fellas, seem, Ye Yuan’s facial skin is lighter! It looks like he’s already completely exhausted such as a light without oil.”

Section 2126: Stabilizing the World!

They had once considered countless alternatives for Ye Yuan to remove Inquire Not.

This world of chess online game actually gradually established.



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He kept extremely serious grudges toward Ye Yuan. Even though he was shocked by Ye Yuan’s ability and energy, he wished that Ye Yuan could be wiped out by Medication Ancestor.

But Ye Yuan’s realm was very small ultimately. It was already very difficult to survive in the two wonderful sovereigns’ substantial force, not to mention that they even was required to repair the harmed community due to two people’s showdown in mystical expertise.

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A fierce combat permanent 50 % a year, regardless if it had been divine basis or heart and soul drive, Ye Yuan already attained the reduce.

It turned out just they were totally clueless about Alchemy Dao. How could they see with the profundities included?

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But Ye Yuan’s kingdom was way too lower eventually. It absolutely was already very difficult to thrive within the two wonderful sovereigns’ substantial demands, not to mention that they even were forced to restore the broken planet as a result of two people’s showdown in magical capabilities.

So that you can make Ji Mo allow out a very sentimental sigh, this finger shift was absolutely impressive.

Ye Yuan’s gaze disclosed a tip of any solemn seem. But also, he aimed the second finger out minus the smallest hesitation.

Treatment Ancestor’s transfer was obviously in order to apply increased strain on Ye Yuan, working to make him pass on under the two people’s Dao acc.you.mulations.

Boy, I didn’t assume that one could wait until recently. But, in addition, it finishes on this page!”

Viewing this case, Perfect Emperor Shaoyun could not stay away from laughing out noisy.

… Alright, so what regardless of whether you’re proficient? Finally, isn’t still it fatality! Ye Yuan, determine if you will still don’t perish!”

However accomplished Ye Yuan was, he was merely a Real G.o.d World leader. Now how could he bear two mighty Transcendent Heavenly Emperors’ Dao acc.u.mulations?


Ye Yuan’s gaze became slightly very sharp and that he reported in the chilly tone of voice, “What a fine Drugs Ancestor, definitely someone who is narrow-minded! Since that’s the way it is, then I’ll permit you to examine my a fact durability!”

Ye Yuan turned his palm. The Tai Ji diagram behind Ye Yuan slowly commenced turning.

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When Remedies Ancestor’s Dao acc.you.mulations landed on Ye Yuan’s human body, it had been immediately led into your world through the Tai Ji diagram, restoring this world in an uninterrupted circulate.

That they had once contemplated quite a few options for Ye Yuan to remove Consult Not.

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