Jackie' Surprise

Jackie' Surprise


The thruway is loud with the windows down, the radio is blasting and I'm feeling windburned. When I pull in your driveway and turn off the ignition it's silent. I take a couple slow deep cleansing breaths and calm washes over me allowing the anticipation of what is to come to come forward in my mind. A small smile spreads as I open the car door and step out into the heat reflecting off the driveway. I do a few stretches and grab the small gym bag from the back seat and unzip it before walking up to the door. It opens as I reach up to knock. You're dressed as requested, loose shorts (no panties), button up blouse with bra. My arm slips around your waist as I step in and pulls you in for kisses, first light, barely touching, progressing to deep passionate tongue battles. My hands kneed you butt cheeks and pull your pubic area tight against mine. You can feel my hardening cock through the thin shorts material. We lean apart catching our breath. Your hands reach down to the bulge in my shorts. I grab then and halt their progress. "Not yet, it was a hot ride, can I have a drink?" I follow you into the kitchen. While you reach up into the cabinet to get a glass I reach also, cupping both your breasts, giving the nipples a little pinch, then back off., You hear a slight rustling sound. My hands return to your arms " Put the glass down for a second." You comply and I firmly pull your arms behind you to my crotch. As you are squeezing my cock and searching for my balls you feel the hard metal and feel the click of tightening cuffs around your wrists and make a slight whimper. I stay behind and flip the leather blindfold over your head. The leather scent is comforting and arousing at the same time. I gently but firmly take you by the arm and lead you up the stairs. I imagine your heart rate is picking up as you visualize the possibilities of what's coming.

We stop in the center of the bedroom. " Don't move." You hear the sounds of the curtains and shades being opened and imagine the sunlight flooding the room. Footsteps are hard to hear on the soft carpeting so the soft touch on your neck from behind makes you jump. I pull your hair back from the left side of your neck and you feel fingertips caressing oh so lightly. You tip your head toward them. " I said don't move!" whispered but more firmly this time. Your collar is pulled down and the finger touch is replaced by lips and tongue tip followed by teeth. I can see the goosebumps on your neck and arms. Then it's gone. It feels like sensory deprivation. It seems to go on forever. Then hands at your blouse buttons, starting from the neck slowly, one at a time with a pause between. 1, 2, 3, 4 then the pattern breaks and it's silent again. Then........... hands on both sides of your head, pushing your hair behind your ears and tracing down to your neckline. Your blouse is slipped off your shoulders along with the bra straps. But the last few buttons remain so it only results if further restraining you. The bra cups are pulled down exposing your breasts and nipples but pushing them up. The hands return to your face and retrace the lines downward circling but not touching the now hardened nipples. Your breath quickens and the sensory deprivation returns. You again hear the rustling sound you heard in the kitchen. A firm grip pulls your shorts down in a single motion. " Step out of them, careful, don't trip you'll have a hard time getting up." It seems like the voice is coming from below your waist. " Spread your legs." Fingers draw two lines down your ass and between your legs, caressing your smoothly shaven outer lips and up both sides of your clit. Pausing briefly while another hand supports your balance from behind before lifting the hood. You hold your breath and wait for the touch to the VERY SENSITIVE spot but it doesn't come. "Not yet."

The finger returns, this time searching for some moisture, finding it at the opening and spreading it forward, separating the inner lips as it goes. Then back for more depositing between the inner and outer lips. Now everything is free, and the quiet returns. Then, suddenly there's a surprising sting, a light slap an unknown "something" between your legs and then it's gone. You wait for what is coming next. There it is again. This time it recurs, at precise intervals of a second or two. There's pain, but it's arousing too. You can feel your pussy filling with wetness and the labia and clit swelling. I stop to explore the wetness and gently caress the now reddened lips and stroke the clitoral shaft at its base moving up to flick the tip gently back and forth. I'm enjoying your moans and struggle not to move. I continue without pause " Tell me when your getting ready to cum'" You nod, lick your lips and concentrate on the fingers working"

'I'm going to cum" The stimulation stops suddenly to be replace by a firm hand covering you whole pussy area but no motion. The abrupt stop leaves you shaking with unreleased sexual energy. "Take a step forward." Lips encircle your nipples, sucking hard and biting just hard enough to make you squeal quietly. A hand supports your upper arm. " Kneel down." Then from behind hands spread your knees and push your feet further outward. Then pressure pushing your legs apart further and a tongue slipping into your wetness, flicking as fingers spread your lips and hood, soft, then harder licking and sucking. The excitment returns in a rush " Oh my God it's happenng" and your orgasm over comes you. I back off and you kneel quivering, breath shallow and shaking, nipples hard as rock, head hanging down as you slowly recover your composure.

How long have I been like this you wonder. It's been a couple minutes but you lost track of time. Fingers under your chin lift your head. The blindfold is released. The sudden brightness makes you squint. The soft/hard head of my cock caresses your cheek. Moving over your eyes and nose then under your chin to your lips. "Stay closed' I step back a little and you can see the drop of precum on the tip. I lean back in and spread it across your lips. Your tongue slips out, I don't stop you but lift my cock slightly exposing the underside for your licking. I move it around allowing your swirling tongue access to all surfaces. I turn your head sideways and slide the shaft back and forth along your lips. Then straight up again my thumb pushes your chin down and my fingers explore your open mouth to be followed suddenly by my thrusting cock. It catches you by surprise and you gag slightly. I pull back slightly so only the head is in your mouth. Your tongue is working the tip and shaft as I stay motionless. I begin to rock slowly penetrating oh so slightly deeper with each cycle. When I reach the end of your comfort zone and you try to pull back I hold your head steady and stop. "Relax!! Open your mouth and breath around my cock" I sense your uncertainty and apprehension but you comply. The tension abates and I begin the motion again with pauses to let you relax and recover. Then with one firm push I'm down your throat, my pubic bone against your nose. I hold for a second then pull out completely my hard cock standing straight out from by body. " I knew you could do it." I offer my balls to your lips and you suck them eagerly just how you know I like it. Once you have done something for the first time it's easy to do it again. My cock repeatedly reaches it's depth in your throat slowly then faster. As my orgasm approaches I draw back. quickly fucking your lips with just the head. This slows the oncoming ejaculation, building the pressure. A couple deeper thrusts and it's upon me. I withdraw as the flow starts and the first huge spurt covers your lips and cheek. I shove it back in fill and your mouth with multiple jets of creme. You try to swallow it all but it's too much and some oozes out and drips down your chin. I wipe it with my finger and along with the cum from your cheek, feed it to your eagerly sucking lips.

When my legs have recovered I help you up and sit you on the edge of the bed.









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