Ixchel Ch. 08

Ixchel Ch. 08

The door to the overwater bungalow was open to all, the party seemed to be livening. Wes was talking to a woman Cheryl didn't know, when Dean realized she was there he advanced, greeted her in Continental fashion, kisses on the cheek.

She and Pat circulated, perhaps nine other people were in the room and on the porch, all dressed splendidly, the men in shorts and button down or polo shirts, the women in provocative dresses.

People came, people went. Alexis and Steve bounced into the room, both kissed Cheryl on the mouth. "You're beautiful," Alexis complimented, it was clear Steve agreed. Trays of finger food were on the table, from time to time it was replenished by resort waitpersons. Near the gallery sink, bottles of various alcohols and soft drinks were available. As if she was attending a museum opening in Dayton, Cheryl nursed her drink and never set it down where it might be spiked.

An hour and a half after she'd arrived Cheryl wondered if the night was a bust; no one seemingly had made an advance toward another person. Then Jacki closed the front door, dimmed the lights, and the timbre of the room subtly changed. From behind her, she heard Pat's whisper, "This is a good time to leave if you're gonna."

"I'll stay, at least for awhile."

The first serious kiss was between a woman named Leslie who'd been hanging around and Jacki. At the time there were perhaps sixteen people in the room or out on the porch, including Cheryl's friends Wes and Pat, Alexis and Steve, Dean, Russ and Jacki, the others she'd talked to over cocktails. There was one man, Brad, who'd she'd taken a shine to, sculpted face under a short crop of hair, strong arms. She strode to him. "I was thinking of taking a swim," she offered, "would you like to join me?"

"Sounds great."

They stepped out onto the porch, two women that Cheryl barely knew were on one of the lounges making out. She turned her back to Brad, he unzipped the frock. She stepped out of it, helped the man unbutton his shirt. Instead of jumping into the water, he led her to the other hammock, his intentions unmistakeable. Cheryl's response was enthusiastic. For long minutes they wrestled, Brad's lips on her nipples excited her, his prick tasted slightly of pineapple, she wondered how that could be! The women on the opposite side of the deck had been joined by someone, another couple already naked had passed them and splashed into the ocean.

Cheryl allowed Brad to pull her panties off and arrange her so she was splayed, he kneeled before her and pressed his tongue to her gash. She relaxed, although she was some distance from orgasm it was pleasant. She heard cries, calls and scroans from the other couch and inside. The door opened, a man approached. It was Russ! "Mind if I join?"

Brad didn't look up from his work, Cheryl invited him, "I'd love it." Russ bent to her side, kissed her lips, clasped a globe. Under the tutelage of two men Cheryl's body reacted. Brad let his tooth scrape her miniature rod, it was just enough, she felt the tingle of her body, a sense of warmth and ignition. The two men worked together, she hung on their attention.

Brad rose, asked, "You okay?"

Cheryl expected him to be the first one of the night, was mildly bewildered when he gave her a quick kiss and walked inside, probably looking for another conquest. It was up to Russ, and he refused to shirk his duty.

He laid on top of Cheryl, their kisses were steamy. She could feel his erection on her stomach. "The other night," he said, "I felt like a little bit of a failure."

"Why?" She remembered the feel of his prick moving inside her then, felt he'd been an adequate lover.

"Whenever I don't come inside a woman, it's almost like it didn't happen. I know it's silly, but still."

"Well," Cheryl invited, "we can make it up, can't we?"

She presented her mouth for his kisses, divided her legs for his insertion. With a little bit of fumbling, she felt the tip of his cock at her opening, one push and he was fully rooted. She laid back, pulling his shoulders to her, wriggled her hips, he was moving determinedly. Feeling the sliding of his prick inside her, the rubbing of his chest against her nipples, she allowed herself to trip over the guy wire again, her eyes sensed a deep red and orange.

Russ was persistent now, he pushed in angrily again and again, after a few moments she heard his groan, felt him tense, shudder. When he opened his eyes, Cheryl asked, "Better now?"

"Absolutely. How about you?"

"It was a nice one, thanks."

Cheryl felt pleased, yet somehow incomplete. She was looking forward to the remainder of the night, it was early yet. The couple rose, entered the main room. Cheryl went into the bathroom, wiped herself off, she didn't want to offend her coming lovers.

Back in the apartment, the pairing was transpiring. All over the place, on beds, couches, chairs and even the floor bodies were arrayed. All of them were unclothed, save only for two women who were still in hosiery, a woman she didn't know was being screwed with her heels on. Alexis was on the bed, Wes was beside her, they were making love; Cheryl wondered how her friend was enjoying his tremendous prick, the biggest one she'd had through the vacation.

Over on the couch, Jacki was arrayed with her husband Dean and another man, it was slow foreplay. Russ was performing oral on a woman by the name of Marilyn, Steve was behind a woman in doggy, she was lying on top of anther man, kissing him. Others were just lazing or in foreplay or total play, the most erotic scene Cheryl had ever witnessed.

Pat approached our heroine, reached for a lock of her hair. "You okay?"

"Just fine. So this is what an orgy is like. I thought it would be more . . ."

"Active? You thought everybody would be just fucking like mad?"

"I guess so."

"It goes in cycles, usually. Right now, we're regaining strength."

The two women looked into each other's eyes, put arms around waists. Their first kiss was soft, Cheryl suddenly wanted to make her friend feel good. Hands reached for tits as they shuffled together to an empty couch, they sat. Fingers reached for arms and legs, and yes, at the pussies. When Cheryl managed to penetrate Pat's moist tunnel, the other woman fell back, it was obvious she wanted Cheryl to bring her off. Cheryl smiled at the trust, knelt between the legs, placed her lips to the labia. With the taste, Cheryl realized Pat had had relations with someone, but the slightly salty piquancy didn't offend her; she realized she could go and put her mouth around any prick in the room, the remnants of another woman would probably be upon it, why should it be different because it was a lady bit?

Pat moaned with Cheryl's attentions, Cheryl sucked on the button harder, the groans increased. After a few minutes, she realized they'd attracted a bit of an audience, Steve and another man were watching the lascivious show. Cheryl winked to Steve, he took that as invitation, positioned himself behind her, once again Cheryl was penetrated. The other man arrayed himself along Pat's body, things got tangled, complicated.

Cheryl shifted, pulled away from Steve and pushed him on his back onto the carpet, mounted him. "I want to fuck you, hard," she told him, then proceeded to make it so. Yes, she closed her eyes for another marvelous come, even pressed her forefinger against her clit to increase the burning.

When she was done with Steve, and he with her, she rose. There was a pile on one of the beds, Alexis was in it with yet another man, as well as Dean. She joined them, someone grabbed her, she wasn't quite sure which man it was. At that point, she felt safe, with friends, and extremely erotic; more sex was all she wanted. And that was what she had. As the time crept by, if a man wanted her to give him a blow job, she gifted it to him; if a woman wanted to taste her cunt, why not? And if someone she didn't know wanted to place her on her back and give her a good screw, she cooperated heartily. She was unsure, sometimes, of exactly who was making love to her, she simply let it happen.

She took breaks, heading for the bar to get a drink, perhaps to a bathroom for a short hiatus. But each time she allowed herself to be pulled back by someone to the coliseum of a bed.

Finally, there was no one who seemed to desire more of her, she felt sated, more or less. Pat, lying near by, smiled. "You did well, like a duck to water."

"Is it over?"

"It's nearly two o'clock." In the corner, Alexis was dozing in Steve's arms. On a sofa Jacki was sitting between one husband and Brad, they seemed to be discussing the philosophy of carnal knowledge. A woman was talking softly with Dean; their position was such that he may have been inserted, her legs over his hip, but their bodies were motionless. Perhaps half of the participants had already dressed and left, were tucked in bed.

Cheryl knew what she wanted, she strolled out the back door, jumped into the salt water. It was beautiful out here, the milky way shimmering almost on the horizon, millions of glimmering stars, the moon almost directly above. She heard a splash behind her, and listened to the soft voice of Wes. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not. I was hoping for some company." Wes came to her, placed his hands on her waist, behind her. "That was fun."

"Pat was worried, I told her you knew your mind, there wouldn't be any problems. You didn't have any, did you?"

"No, none at all. Like Pat said, it seems like I've adapted well. On the flight down here, I hoped to have perhaps three new lovers, I guess it was my goal, sort of. Then, when I found out you guys liked me, I couldn't get enough." She backed up against his belly, got her final surprise of the night. "You're still hard!" She wondered why, she was aware he'd been with at least three women that evening, probably more.

"I edged myself early, haven't taken the time to release."

"Do you do that often?"

"In orgies, yeah. I like making love with women, and you need to pace yourself. Usually, Pat and I go home and she helps me take care of myself."

"Do you think she'd mind if I took her place tonight?"

"I certainly wouldn't mind."

"Here in the water?" Cheryl offered.

"I don't think there'd be enough friction. Mind if we go inside?"

"Of course not."

They climbed out of the sea, toweled each other. Cheryl held his rod, the biggest, the most satisfying of the night. Heck, of the whole vacation! After the exertions of the evening, she wasn't sure she'd be able to handle it, but she was willing to try. Most of the folk were quiet, napping, although Pat and her lover were gently moving. One of the beds was empty, Cheryl led her paramour to it. She took a moment to grab a bottle of lube, slathered it on the cock soon to be inside her, applied some to the opening of her pussy.

She lied on her back, Wes was soon on top of her, resting on his elbows, they kissed. "Whatever you need," she instructed him, "just let me know. I want you to come."

"Shouldn't be hard," he replied, "I'm pretty ready."

Cheryl felt the pleasant stretching of her supple tunnel as Wes's strength entered her, she allowed Wes to set the tempo. At first, it was unhurried, our heroine felt her body warmed by her growing interest. Then Wes rose above her, the rod crunched fully into her, she had to expand her legs as much as possible for the assault. As Wes speeded, she felt the twittering of her body, her mind drifted off into a soft beige, just a trivial orgasm, a reminder of all the wonderful ones she'd had this night, this week. She wouldn't allow it to develop into a complete burst, she wanted to be alert for her lover's urge.

Wes was looking into her eyes, he ducked down for a kiss, hurried but generous. Then, suddenly, he announced, "It's coming," and Cheryl prepared herself, using her heels to raise her hips. For nearly a minute it seemed Wes shook, groaned, twisted, and at long last he gave a great sigh as his seed burst forth, leaving him and entering deep inside her in a great rush.

Wes collapsed upon his courtier, still moving his hips, still leaking in spurts, groaning his gusto. Slowly he eased until he was quiet above her, she felt his heartbeat pump against her chest. Cheryl looked to her side, Pat was a few feet away, smiling at her, as if she knew what Cheryl had been thinking.

Eventually Wes roused himself, carefully moved away from her. Cheryl was a little wistful, when the massive cock slid out of her she knew it would be the last she'd have imbedded in her in this wonderland. They cuddled for a bit, Wes wanted to ensure she was in the pink, she whispered she was just fine. During the exercise she'd had with Wes she sensed the door open once or twice, when she inspected the environs she found it down to only Pat, Jacki, and her two husbands - it was clear the party had tapered completely.

There were goodbyes all around as Cheryl gathered her clothes, her belongings, and slipped only into her panties; somehow, she felt they might feel she was rude if she left completely nude. Everyone kissed her goodbye, Jacki handed her a piece of paper. "If you're ever near New Mexico," she offered.

Soon she was skipping over the wooden boardwalk, the night birds were caroling her, the paths were deserted. Recognizing this would be her last opportunity, she detoured to her special pool, laid her clothing on a chair, whipped off her panties. Yes, the crotch was completely soaked with what her lovers had left in her, she felt a stream of semen skid down her leg. She slipped quietly into the water, floated on her back.

Her thoughts were, of course, of the way she'd unfolded during the days of her holiday. When she'd arrived, she'd only had five lovers in her entire life, and in these four days, nearly a dozen people, three of them women, had satisfied her. She remembered worrying, just days before, that this might be a bust, that no one would want her; she saw now just how silly those thoughts had been.

After a long soak she walked the paths to her room, wondering how this experience would shape the rest of her life.

— — — — The End — — — —