Issue to template #54 |

Issue to template #54 |

If we assume that "- Foto Twitter" is rudimentary in author field, what do you think about this author:

"05" as author is OK? Just numbers and nothing else. You can argue that this is a strange nickname or perhaps the name of the agency. Well...

"04" in author field. Coincidence?

"03" in author field. Another coincidence?

There are a lot of such pages, with different rudimentary info (like numbers 01, 02, 03, 04, etc...) in author field.

P.S. Admin, I am really sorry for the self issue, but user max waited until timer is ended for his template (Apr 16 03.40 AM UTC) and only then publish issue for my template (Apr 16 03:41 AM UTC). Moreover, he publish answer to issue for his template only when timer is ended too (unfortunately, IV has no meta info for this, but my last check was in ~02.45 AM: no answer). I have no other option to answer him in time.

P.P.S. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.