Issue #1

Issue #1


I separately processed this type of gallery and reviewed several cases on different pages, below I will write why I decided to remove the time and make this text a caption to the gallery


As we see, it is the same for all slides. But this is not all, this date is later than the date of publication of the article(same situation in all articles with such slideshow, links to examples at the end), it says that this is not the date of the events on the slides, but something else. If you look at the class "agi-mediagallery__date" you can assume that this is the date of publication of the slideshow or something like that. This information does not give to user anything, I think it is a rudimentary content (something like a slide counter, does not give information, only litters the article) and should be removed, at least it should not be placed in the description of each photo.


Firstly, it’s not like you said the will of chance, this title is the same for all slides everywhere. You did not give a single example where these headlines would be different and I did not find them on the site, but I will give a few examples where they are the same at the end. The most significant is this article. In it, we clearly see that it is a signature to the entire gallery ("12 foto" can not mean anything else). We also see that the photo has its captions, which my template handles correctly