Island of simplicity in the ocean of overconsumption.

Island of simplicity in the ocean of overconsumption.


Since our childhood we were taught to own more things, reasons behind it vary, however, the results are going to be the same. In the past months, I have started to mention how I was raised to consume (and preferably with no limit). Ideas of getting more were everywhere – cartoons, movies, stories, novels – every part of the culture was drowning in the ocean of materialism. Moreover, things have become sign and support of morality and values. I see your skepticism here, but think about – what do most of the Christians wear on their neck? –Cross. And for religious people throwing a cross to the trash bin will be unacceptable – that is next level merchandise (holy level). 

However, it is not only for religious people – materialism became a cornerstone of our culture. In movies, successful guys are multibillionaires with fully packed up closets. Women are depicted as naturally born shopaholics, who cannot wait to be grabbed by the credit cards. Smart guys have flat full of trash and books, fancy ones – full of suits and accessories. 

And what about these amulets and accessories trash that people started believing more than themselves. Any sort of shit on your hand or neck can bring you like. For real, it can be anything – rabbit's foot, stone from the random cave, fake Egyptian amulets, dead jesus – anything will be better "luck magnet" than you are.

Then, all the culture makes us dream the same. If I tell you, describe a happy life, most of you will start telling me about living separately from the parents with a beautiful wife, kids in a nice cottage/house and maybe have dog/cat, car, and stable work. In other words, you will start describing me classic American dream. And that's normal – in standardized culture dreams became standardized as well. 

Right now, this culture of happy things and sad people is like an ocean. It surrounds us, it is trying to wave us down, and minimalism is like a boat that tries to keep values of "rationality and thinking" safe, hoping to fight back one day.