Is online gambling legal in Nepal?

Is online gambling legal in Nepal?


The popularity of online gambling has been steadily growing with multiple internet cafes catering exclusively to online casino players. Local residents who like to bet on sports in Nepal prefer to wager online then to risk their life inside an illegal casino. There are dozens of reputable, safe and convenient casinos which welcome and honor Nepalese players. Unfortunately very few offer Nepali language options. So regardless of whether the game of choice is online poker or internet slots, there are dozens of massive online full-service casinos that await Nepalese gamblers.

Gambling in Nepal is legal, but exclusive for tourists only. Nepalese residents are expressly prohibited from gambling in any of the eight licensed casinos in the capital city of Kathmandu.

The country thought of the pros and cons of gambling and decided to take into consideration only the fact that it can harm people and destroy their lives. But tourists? Tourists can gamble on their own responsibility. As long as they are 21 or older, they can make their own decision on whether to visit the casinos available in Nepal or not. 

There's no licensing process in this country, and there's little chance that Nepal will adopt a licensing process in the near future. The bottom line is that the government effectively acts like it doesn't exist, and they don't even go the route of banning it to try to protect the profits of the casinos they pull revenues 바카라 from. They literally just act like they don't care about it and that it's none of their concern.