Is it Ok to buy insurance for me and let other people buy the car?

Is it Ok to buy insurance for me and let other people buy the car?

It is cheap to buy me insurance, so I am just wondering if I can buy the insurance and let other people to drive the car.

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Does GEICO are a symbol of General Electric Insurance Provider?

Does GEICO mean General Electric Insurance Company?

Motor Insurance for 18 year old?

I am planning to buy my Girl a small car, she is 18, what's the best car for me personally to purchase, as insurance may be the challenge the lowest priced we could uncover is 800 to get a KA, valued at 500"

What is to prevent people from getting the fines instead of paying for insurance?

It seems like they're very little different a deductible insurance coverage that is high"

State automobile insurance vs. state of registration?

I am currently operating a temporary task abroad in another state not my permanent dwelling (I'm living there for the phrase of the job). While there I purchased another car and documented it because condition and moved my other automobile for the coverage not realizing this when insuring it might result in a challenge. Currently on my vehicle, which was authorized within my house condition, the house state has declined to continue the enrollment as it carries out-of state insurance. However, I also don't own the primary automobile, my parents that are a resident of my home condition own it, it is just used by me and pay the insurance. like I am basically planning to be forced to enroll that car where I don't have home or stop my insurance plan and obtain insurance for merely that vehicle via a provider in my own house state, so unless I am missing something, It appears. Is this it or are there other options? 'm confused simply because they I'd like to renew last year though I'd the outofstate insurance, but I'd changed through that year so perhaps they considered me parttime or something. I would want to avoid transforming any state registrations for that moment being, since this process is complex and pricey between your two states involved. Somebody explained the least expensive solution could be to acquire a minimal obligation plan about the car within my property state so that they will give me registration, but I have never heard about that and I'm not sure if that's fine (having two insurance policies on the same car)? I am not looking to perform techniques or loophole anything below, I just want to find out my options and obtain this without charging me a lot of time or income completed."

Medical Health Insurance and im?

I reside in Orlando, Fl and Iam pregnant, is there any insurance carrier that i will get a health insurance today?"

Cover the package auto insurance? Kilometers concern?

hi ive recently performed a with insure the field and i got my insurance to 1600 on 2006 corsa 998c engine fully compensation, I realize they provide you with 6000 miles regular my problem is basically look at 6000 miles I have to topup how much does that expense? 250miles? 500miles? and so on? Anyone know"

Can my auto insurance go up for disappointment to prevent to get a school coach in NY? It is my first violation that is moving?

Likewise, I'm not the principal driver around the insurance, my mom is. Can which make a distinction? I will be considering for that solution, if my insurance does what kind of good and increase how much of an increase might i be taking a look at? Any feedback may not be unhelpful...thanks"

Why do so many people complain about Healthcare and never as Car Insurance that is much?

Why do folks complain about the medical insurance system while they do, if people tear off just as much?? Where are all the demonstrators? Most people become the vehicle insurance providers are doing you a favor once they are really not. They attempt to utilize into obtaining a pricey full-coverage plan-you do NOT require you to SCARE. They prey on your own worries. Like they question medical care providers just come nobody questions the practices of Auto-Insurance corporations?"

Motor insurance for teenagers?

Can someone guess my car insurance is going to be? Im 16 years old i own a 2007 lexus gs and i never got a solution... My mama said it would be around $ 200, but im kinda expecting it's a lot lower lol."

Car Insurance Problem?

When obtaining an insurance policy, what should I be trying to find to obtain the very best protection? For example: Liability Control - simply how much - 1 million trillion? Collision Coverage - How much deductible? Comprehensive Protection - How much deductible? I am just getting quotes on line and completing these types, maybe you could all reveal the things they mean and what's the very best coverage.Thx!"

What insurance is best for girls?

I do not currently have insurance, but I want to start out planning to a gynecologist why I am not getting pregnant, to find out. The copays are terrible, like $150 per-visit t/o insurance! I can't afford which to select that will assist me through the trips, and perchance a fertility specialist or that each time I walk-in, but I can manage about $80 a mo for insurance, but IDK what kind. Please give labels or websites of insurance firms that affect this, if everyone understands the best path for this type of medical interest. Furthermore, I reside in a tiny town in GA and you'll find NO nearby anything or experts as such, so I'm sure to have traveling maybe more or atleast an hour to acquire the help I need. No, family-planning centers, no women's health centers! So if there is anyhow somebody can provide advice please do. Thanks so much."

I need cheap but great auto insurance what can you propose?

I would like cheap but superior motor insurance what can you advocate?

What's the insurance over a 2004 gti?

I'm under 18 i was thinking if it matters as a family car for insurance firms consequently it'd be inexpensive to cover if it helps I have producers insurance I just need some opinions on whether it's inexpensive or facts and does the 4dr gti make the insurance any cheaper?

Quick question a few 16 year girlis car insurance rate...?

Our childis about to change 16. Anybody have any idea what we are able to assume her insurance charge to become over a 2011 Mustang V6?

Does my auto insurance affects?

I'm considering buying a Nissan Micra, and I've recognized whenever I enter the sites as well as my info consult my profession I enter each website and student requires whether I study Nursing Medication or Training, and whether I study at home or reside away. I'm in fact a medical student (mental health), living away, and that I simply questioned whether this makes my insurance more costly or cheaper than somebody carrying out a distinct diploma such as Background, Physics etc."

"18 simply made and I do not wish to take driveris edward, simply how much may my auto insurance increase?"

As a result of multiple arrests, I was not able till 18 made to obtain my license. Well now I'm 18 and in a position to get my certificate, I donot have the money for driver's ed however. I used to be just wondering easily do not take driveris ed how much my motor insurance might go up."

Medical Insurance?

Anyone got any assistance that was good am seeking health insurance my husband retires quickly and we are going to need to get our very own medical insurance. Looked at health spouses and cross however it everyone that is thus costly no data is tied for by any everyone more affordable.

18 year old auto insurance? ?

Im considering a Chevrolet cobalt coupe 07. Where could i.get the lowest priced vehicle insurance.?

Support! Motor insurance suspension and preserve no-claims!?

Hey, need some critical guide please! I am looking on-selling my car and am presently a few months into my motor insurance - the nuisance in this is although my insurance are unable to cover it though others are, I intend to purchase another vehicle! Is there any feasible method I can retain my existing insurance to btain the NCB and simply become covered by an alternate insurer for my new vehicle that is bought? Our approach was suspending my present insurance then cancelling at rebirth (consequently acquiring no-claims?) Desire a genuine helping hand please!"

Will my first speeding ticket influence insurance?

I live-in Ontario and acquired a speeding citation for 95 km/h in an 80km/h sector, simply 50 no loss in points. It really is my first speeding citation, is that this going to influence my insurance costs?"

Will an initial time speeding citation in Missouri result my insurance and that I have Statefarm insurance?

May an initial time speeding ticket in Mo consequence my insurance and that I have Statefarm insurance?

Will the car insurance provider pay for the damage or repair my car?

Nowadays, ok I found myself in an accident with this lady and it was all her fault. Consequently my issue is, may they only repair it, or is her insurance provider going to spend cash to acquire a new-car to me. The harm rather poor, the engine makes some odd sounds on/down when i transform it. What are for not getting some tips ripped off by the business? btw my vehicle is 02 Honda accord. Thanks beforehand"

Bike insurance without Class-C?

I live that I can drive bikes not cars and I California along with the dmv offered me an only type M pupils permit. My problem is Insurance companies keep seeking a drivers license then me reduce at but I truly don't wish a Class C permit!!! Any insurance firms avoid that?"

Looking For Auto Insurance?

Im wanting help trying to find car insurance. I just got dropped to the undeniable fact due from my men insurance provider that ive had 2 injuries and three racing tickets in the 3 years that were last time. Yes I understand thats negative not trying to find the intelligent remarks I recently absolutely need help with any insurance companies of the may consider protecting me that everyone knows. Thanks to your time."

"I spend right now about $160 for car insurance monthly. It's with modern, which will be the cheapest I can"

Get plus it does not protect considerably in any respect basically cause an accident, it'll just the cover one other vehicle. Why insurance expenses much and this is, I reside in atlanta, but does anyone know something I could get cheaper? Is safe car a good deal? Help please!"

Is it Ok to buy insurance for me and let other people buy the car?

It is cheap to buy me insurance, so I am just wondering if I can buy the insurance and let other people to drive the car.

I would recommend one to try this web page where one can compare quotes from the best companies:

Car Insurance price of 2012 infiniti Fx35?

I am thinking is regular Car Insurance cost of 2012 infiniti Fx35? Especially in Dallas, TX (zero 75038) - I've excellent driving record & credit; I am considering that vehicle but before making move would like to be sure whole price element!"

Cheap car insurance for university student?

cheap car insurance for college student? thanks!

Inexpensive car insurance for teenagers?

I'm interested in Polo , Punto or whether Clio and 17. I have searched everywhere!"

May I adjust over my car insurance to a brand new car after 2months?

Is this possible and how does it work? Could I change it over, let me understand please, Thanks I have auto that i just plan on having for 2months and acquiring new-car, is it easy to change it out up to new car and what does it charge?"

Everyone recognize any Vision Insurance Companies?

Searching for vision insurance.

Cheap automobile insurance for 18 year old?

Cheap auto insurance for 18 year old?

Can my gfis car be used away if I don't possess any motor insurance but I've my driveris lisence?

I am a person and that I recently obtained my Driver a year ago about the day before Thanksgiving. After that, I wondered what and have been operating my gfis car...display more"

"Howmuch is just a rushing,no insurance, and without id citation could charge in Augusta Georgia?"

My girl was caught rushing,no certificate,no insurance,simply how much does the tickets whole?"

Simply how much you think my auto insurance would charge?

18 turning in March and will also be finding a car on my 18th birthday. I'll be sure it has MPG that is good although I do not know what type of cr I'll be acquiring. I will be applying my vehicle for tornado chasing. You think I'll get a discount since I'm supporting warnings and the National Weather Service problem watches by storm chasing? What's motor insurance for my generation in Manatee state, FL's typical cost? Solutions?"

Could I still have insurance?

Hey. I am 19 today and I began college. However, I quit moving in Sept. Year would I officially have insurance before end of the school? I had surgery within the summer after I was 18 and they had they are shown by me my request forms for university. Before I get outdated I'd want to get braces and I was thinking if I would still not be unable to acquire them until the end of the college year."

What is the average insurance price to get a household?

How can they figure insurance prices? About just how much would yearly insurance be to get a $ 70? Thanks~!"

NY parked car crash insurance laws.?

Although it was left inside the street, some dude struck my vehicle. He provided me other data and his insurance coverage and shoved on the doorway. I reside in Rochester, NYC and my insurance provider is AIG. If i report a claim, who's insurance pays for that injuries (new fender and door)? Will there not be a nondeductible on my part? Will my costs increase? Doesn't NYC involve some stupid no-fault regulation? Or must I simply make him pay for anything outofpocket?"

Support with car insurance?

It is my birthday tomorrow, I'm going to utilize the cash I get for drivin lessons. But what I do want to understand just how much would it not charge; Could I get protected over a range rover activity at my era and is? Here is the vehicle I really want but I-donot know if I Might get protected for it. Currently thatd be excellent when I could generate one, although I don't mind waiting! Thanks:)"

"Basically am not a driver do I want auto insurance?" own a car. I will not become a driver of it, although the title is in my own brand. My boyfriend could be the driver. Easily'm not operating it though it's within my title, do I require insurance? Or could I need a particular insurance, and if therefore, what could I would like?"

How do I get inexpensive auto insurance?Assess siteis do not benefit me?

Hey i want the least expensive auto insurance that one may get I've already employed researching websites however the quotationis are a lot of! Is there every other website that will help me get them rates get knocked down or another method to get it around?

What's the cheapest car insurance?

To get a ford mondeo 1998. Many thanks.

What is the best option for dental and wellness insurance?

I' don't have insurance and am 22 year old college student in california. If anyone might help me with choosing a company I had been wondering. i don't really understand how medical health insurance works. But i would prefer to get anything reasonable thats never to pricey or even to cheap, protection that is good is wanted by me in case. thank you"

Howmuch is Modern Automobile Insurance for a 16-year old?

16 october 2 turned and that I wondered just how much it's for me? My loved ones has just like the lowest the one that is the obligation. Howmuch is it for me personally about? I have the amount of money I simply need to pick one-out, although I havent got a-car nonetheless. It will likely wont be any younger than like 08. Devoid of need to spend insurance straight away, also can I get my permit? I dont need to push nonetheless (I don't like driving). I am also a lady."

What is the Home Insurance?

What's the best Home Insurance company? How much can I expect you'll pay for Home Insurance 000 completely new property, for a $300? Exist items that I should include within my Residence insurance coverage that's not described in my experience? Your home is in Fresno California."

Issue about MA auto insurance?

I have a-car parked in the parking lot of my apartment it doesn't work. Could I stop the insurance onto it so every month I do not have to pay for it? I am of attempting to sell it in the process. When I end the insurance, do I have to go back the dishes, also? I don't think it really is legitimate to have a car without any dishes."

Cheapest insurance to get a 17 year old lad?

The quote ive got is 4800!! This really is silly, is there of assuring myself, any method? does anyone know what the least expensive auto to ensure is? Or anything i really need to get ontheroad when I have simply approved my examination but 3000 for insurance is approximately my limit..."

Racing ticket//No insurance!!!???

My friend was operating my car and got taken over for speeding I didnt have insurance at that time she was pulled over, But I actually do have insurance now.(a couple of nights later.) The admission will be compensated with my proof insurance, what'll happen w /h the day of purchase is after the morning she was pulled over. I reside in iowa. PLs help"

Insurance provider playing me around!?

I also have phoned my insurance company and had my car vandalised. They said although the back screen as well as the color was simply broken my car is written off. I used to be told my vehicle value is only 800 and the excess is 600. That we did not consent to, a week ago we stumbled on 100 for that auto an agreement of just one and 300 surplus I phoned recently to ensure that my check is on the road plus they said 650. Which they built an error about my surplus is there anything I could do??? Im completely trapped. Ive been fully compensation never and going back 36 months believed had a collision. But children, on account of two-ball less im being shoved around like a toy and stuck with out a vehicle. Please enable!!!"

With very good insurance what might the average cost to own?

My center is monitored by a hospital over-night? went and have been having chest pains an EKG performed my doctor claimed he thinks I'm fine I might have simply pulled a muscle. But I am having shortness of breathe and my torso has been a little sore for over a half and week.

I need help using an auto insurance situation?

My boyfriend recently got with another driver into an accident, resulting in no injury to the driver, small harm to his parents' vehicle and area harm to one other drivers' auto. That was two ago or per week, he discovered today that he has been omitted from his parents insurance plan. This is the first he's heard since going back with them in November. Their parents knew about it though. I am worried he may drop his career as well as his certificate. I have tried searching but I discovered nothing on this. The state is Florida by the way. I will appreciate any responses and will provide the best answer details (is ten great?)."

Is it Ok to buy insurance for me and let other people buy the car?

It is cheap to buy me insurance, so I am just wondering if I can buy the insurance and let other people to drive the car.

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