🎯 Iryo Airdrop Walkthrough 🎯

🎯 Iryo Airdrop Walkthrough 🎯


Iryo Airdrop Walkthrough 🎯

This guide will walk you through the process of participating in the Iryo airdrop which will take place from March 3rd until all of the tokens allocated have been claimed. There will be no registration or KYC needed to participate in this campaign.

For those of you who are new to the community, Iryo is an old Japanese word that means - medicine. Welcome aboard.

What is an airdrop?

An airdrop is the free distribution of cryptocurrency tokens. In this case, you will be receiving Iryo tokens which will allow you to participate within the Iryo Network. An airdrop is a great way to build community support and spread the word about Iryo.

What do I need in order to participate?

  1. An Ethereum compatible wallet in order receive your tokens. The Iryo team will only ask you for your public address in order to send you tokens. They will never ask you for your private key, EVER.
  2. A telegram account. If you’ve never used telegram before, it is a simple and secure platform that lets you communicate with people around the world, similar to a WhatsApp or Viber. You can find it here. You will not be able to receive tokens if you do not have telegram!

How many tokens are up for grabs?

5% Total Campaign Allocation (15,000,000 Tokens = +/- $1,650,000 USD)

  • 3% General Iryo Airdrop Bot — LIVE (9,000,000 Tokens)
  • 1% Distributed on EOS to EOS token holders* (3,000,000 Tokens)
  • 1% Reserved for Iryo Meetups** (3,000,000 Tokens)

* Airdrop for EOS token holders will take place after EOS launches, which is expected to occur in Q3 of 2018.

** If less than 1,000 people attend the meetups, the remaining portion of the tokens will go back into the general Iryo airdrop pool. Be sure to give an Iryo team member your email address during the meetup in order to receive the necessary information to participate.

How do I participate?

You must interact with Iryo Airdrop Bot and complete the following steps in order to receive your tokens:

  • Join t.me/IRYOnetwork
  • Join t.me/iryo_alerts
  • Register your ETH wallet address with Iryo Airdrop Bot(i.e Public Key) (Warning: An address from an exchange will not work, i.e Binance, Kraken etc.)


In order to limit Sybil attacks and build a truly collaborative and involved community, the Iryo airdrop campaign will have the following locked safeguards in place.

In order to be eligible to receive Iryo Tokens, participants must have EITHER ONE OR BOTH of the following predefined amounts in your public addresses on March 1st, 2018:

  • A minimum of: 0.1ETH
  • or
  • A minimum of: 1 EOS

** Block 5174125 - etherscan.io/block/5174125 **

There will have to be a minimum of 3,000 participants with a capped maximum of 22,500. If less than 3,000 participants claim tokens, an additional campaign with less strict pre-conditions will take place. If the campaign hits 22,500 participants, it will automatically lock down.

** Referral codes are no longer valid. Find out why - here.

How many tokens will I get and when will I get them?

The number of tokens you will receive will vary depending on the final number of participants. The same rules apply to everybody! Tokens will be distributed shortly after the token sale has closed.

Additional info:

  • No fake users please! We will routinely sniff around and delete fake users at our own discretion. Being raided is no fun, even if it makes our metrics look good!
  • We reserve the right to shut down the airdrop at any point in time if we feel that it is getting taken advantage of.
  • Before we import addresses, we will publish a detailed explanation on how the final token distribution numbers were calculated.

Why no bounties?

The team came to the conclusion that typical bounties: “retweet this,” “like that,” result in increased levels of spam and bots that ultimately dilute core values and the community with it. Iryo would rather airdrop the coins to real people who would like to contribute to the growth of the network. Most people are too lazy anyway, but bots sure are not!

Why the special treatment for the EOS community?

Iryo believes that the only way to build and deploy a truly meaningful product is to have strong and collaborative support from its community. Iryo wants to give back to the platform that it will be using to build the network on. As with any new project, bootstrapping the community is no easy task, hopefully the airdrop will act as a token of appreciation and incentive to join the Iryo community. Therefore, Iryo has decided to aim a portion of the airdrop towards the EOS community with the following:

• 10x Lower pre-conditions in order to participate.

• 1% Will be allocated for meetups. (Majority of them being EOS Meetups)

• 1% Of tokens will be distributed on the new EOS chain to all EOS holders.

And remember, this is not Iryo’s final platform, members will need to move their tokens to EOS once the migration plan is revealed so stay tuned!

🎯 🎯 Are you ready? Head over and say hi to Iryo Airdrop Bot to claim your tokens! 🎯 🎯

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