Irish kilts for men

Irish kilts for men


We all know Ireland is famous for its food and tourism, but also for its cultural heritage. Irish kilt is a heritage garment and is widely used by Irish kilts for men and non-Irish alike. The Irish national flag has the primary colors green and saffron, and most kilts are also made in these two colors. Irish people like to wear green clothes such as pants, skirts, scarves, plaid, cases, hats and other accessories.

There is also a special day where every Irish person wears green clothes, this special day is called St. Patrick. People from different countries and countries who are Irish or who love this country wear green clothes. St. Patrick's is a national holiday in Ireland that commemorates St. Patrick's Day. Patrick.

A colorful outfit in Saffron, Ireland, worn mostly by the military or bag makers. Saffron is a symbol of pride in Ireland. Our company produces various kinds of kilts with these colors according to the standard. Our green and turmeric kilts are carefully sewn using the newest and most complete machines. There are many variations of this color in our shop. You can find a wide variety of Irish skirts for men at our Highland Kilt Shop.

Where can you buy Irish skirts?

Our company produces Irish garments of the highest quality for our customers. Our shop has a wide variety of Irish clothing. Some Important Points To Understand Before Buying Irish Products.

Irish tartan color

Like Scotland, Ireland has too many of the beautiful tartan colors, but its main national colors are saffron and green. The Irish also have clan and tartan districts. As you know, universal tartan is suitable for everyone. Hence, there are many people in Ireland who love to wear the blackwatch tartan skirt, Stewart royal skirt, and other universal tartan skirts.

Material quality

The quality of the wool and stitches in these kilts is the same as in Scottish kilts. Our manufacturer uses a suitable thread and sews the folds with a powerful sewing machine.

Leather strap

Most kilts in Scottish tartans have two leather straps, but Irish saffron and green tartan skirts have three leather straps. Irish kilts are easier to adjust depending on your height.

Jacket skirt

The popular Scottish jacket is the Prince Charlie jacket, as is the case with other Scots, while for the Irish there is the Brian Boroughs jacket, which is similar in shape and design to Prince Charlie's jacket in Scotland.


Irish kilts are flexible kilts that you can put on and off easily with loose straps and buckles. So there's no rocket science associated with wearing Irish kilts.

For every event

Irish jackets, coats and kilts are suitable for any occasion. You can wear the dress to tourist attractions, weddings, parties, various sports and games and other places.

Adjustment mechanism

In Ireland, many shops near you do not offer this facility because the staff are not professionals. Our company Kiltsshop is suitable not only for Scottish clothing, but also for any Irish garment that is hardworking and without problems.