InviteMember Admin Bot Tutorial

InviteMember Admin Bot Tutorial

Yury S., founder of InviteMember

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InviteMember is a membership platform built for paid Telegram channel owners.

It can fully automate paid channel management:

  • process payments in BTC
  • grant access to new clients (send invite link when payment is received)
  • remind clients to renew their subscription
  • revoke access when subscription ends (kick user from the channel)
  • notify channel owner about new invoices, payments, payouts

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up InviteMember for you paid channel and start accepting payments.

Step 1: Find the bot

Use this link or type username in the search:


When the dialog opens, just click Start.

Step 2: Add channel

To begin, send /addchannel command. Bot will ask you to forward a message from your channel (any message). This way bot can pick up channel ID and title:

Now it's time to add @InviteMemberAdminBot as channel admin. The only permission it needs is Add users:

After that, send Done to confirm:

Great! Now you can manage your channel with InviteMember.

Step 3: Enter subscription plans

To change your channel settings, send /mychannels command:

And click on the button with channel name:

Now InviteMember suggests to add subscription plans. Click Settings, then Plans, then Add plan. Bot will ask you to choose subscription period:

Click a button with desired period, and bot will ask you to enter price in BTC for selected period:

Now your channel has first subscription plan! You can add more if you want. Now the channel message should look like this (prices are given just for example):

Now click Back to Channel Settings to prepare for the next step.

Step 4: Enter your BTC address

Now it's time to enter your BTC address, so you can receive your payouts. We will never share this address to anyone.

Click Payments in Channel Settings, then Add address:

Bot will ask you to send your BTC address:

Great! Now you're ready to start using InviteMember! Go Back to Channel Settings, then Back to Channel.

Now your channel should look like this:

Note the link.

This is a main entry point for your clients. Use this link in your channel description, ads, etc. If earlier you used:

For premium membership contact @username

Now you should use:

For premium membership contact

(where XXXXXX is your unique channel ID)

When people will click this link and Start the bot, it will show your channel subscription plans and allow to pay for them.

Here is how it looks from users side:

The address shown to the user is different from the one you entered in Channel Settings. For each payment bot generates new BTC address. So when transaction comes, bot always knows who is paying and for what.

By the way, note the QR-code. It has this unique address and amount built-in. So user can scan it with mobile wallet and pay instantly.

As soon as invoice created, channel owner receives a notification:

As soon as transaction is received (usually in less than 10 seconds), bot sends invite link to the client:

And notifies channel owner:

As soon as transaction is confirmed (we wait for at least 6 confirmations), bot sends payout (95%) to the channel owner. Payout notification looks like this:

Payout transaction doesn't receive hash instantly, usually it happens within a minute. As soon as bot receives hash, it notifies channel owner about it:


Congratulations! You've just installed InviteMember for your channel. Now your membership management is automated.

Questions? Contact support: @cryptoyury