InvestigateXM - Myriad anomalies

InvestigateXM - Myriad anomalies


We didn't expect to open another contest this shortly, but new glyphs and sequences have entered the network. We need your help to collect them again!

To participate, you need to glyph hack a portal and screenshot all glyphs during the result screen of the glyph hack (exception below) and send the screenshot to @InvestigateXM. It doesn't matter

  • If you didn't draw all glyphs correct,
  • if you have already submitted the same sequence, or
  • if the sequence isn't new and already was in circulation.

However, this time you MUST send us the meaning of each glyph in the sequence. In the following example, you MUST submit either via caption or as a message replying to your screenshot with "Destroy - Field - Capture - Key". If you do not send the glyph names, your screenshot is NOT valid.

In addition, Screenshots where not all glyphs are visible are not counted (exception below).

EXCEPTION: As we're also searching for the new names for the glyphs, if you send us a screenshot where not all glyphs are visible, but one of the new glyph and it's name is visible, we'll count it as valid.

Valid, as the new glyph and the corresponding text "Key" is visible

Please only submit screenshots you made yourself starting now.

The contest starts now and runs until Sunday, July 28th, 12PM PST.

After the contest is over we'll count all valid submitted screenshots. The top 3 agents who submitted the most glyphs and the agent nearest to the average will be able to pick from the prize pool, with the 1st agent going first and the average last.

The prize pool consists of character badges for your scanner: 2 Akira'17, 1 PAC'18 (Navarro version) and 1 VR loadout code

If you have participated in the Toasty glyphs event or the Nemesis takes over event, please note that we have cleared our message history from our side for better sequence counting.

Happy glyphing!

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