Invansion Sengoku Stage Details

Invansion Sengoku Stage Details

Stage 1 :-

Stage 1

There will be 2 mobs with 150k hp and will make about 10k of damage, followed by 3 mobs with barrier orb as in picture with 160k hp and will make about 13k of damage

they put negative orb

Stage 2 :-

Stage 2

We will have 5 mobs of all colors with around 152k of Hp and will attack for about 9k. Afterwards there will be a psy elder.

Stage 3 :-

INT Zephyr

Will have 3 million HP and attacks for 8000 each turn

As a preventive halve our HP puts 5 turns of Despair and antidebuff.

Preemptively despairs both captains (5 turns) and puts immunity on himself (forever)

Changes top row to DEX, middle to QCK, bottom to STR

In the second round increases its attack to 12 thousand for 5 turns.

Stage 4 :-

PSY Sengoku & STR Garp

We will have Sengoku and Garp with 5 million and 3 million hp and they attack with 11k and 12k of damage respectively.

Preemptive: Goku and Garp gain a 1-hit orb barrier (Qck on Goku and INT on Garp) for 99+ turns. Orbs in your top and middle rows get binded for 1 turn. Percent damage reduction shield for 2 turns.

Garp will bind orbs in the top and middle rows each turn

NO ORB BOOST OR DEATH(Blown up every character except captain after using orb boost)

Stage 5 :-

QCK Sengoku

Sengoku preemptively clears all buffs, cuts your HP by 50%, changes all orbs to negative, changes his own type to QCK, puts up poison and delay protection for 99+ turns, and increases his DEF (to 5 million or higher) for 3 turns.

On turn 4 he will activate a damage treshold shield, drastically reducing any damage above 1000 for 3 turns, and boost his own ATK.

Under 20% HP he will use his special attack (instakill).

He has around 15 million HP, and will attack every turn for 16 thousand.

Rewinds Driven characters' specials by 4 turns.


Here you can see atk and hp of the bosses

First line Atk

Second Defense Line

Third row Combo

Fourth row Hp