Introduction to VABA

Introduction to VABA

“Number is the within of all things.” – Pythagoras

With more 10000 back tested trades and almost close to zero error, VABA is a revolutionary easy to learn trading system which will change the way people will trade in next ten years.

Dr. P Ganesan ( well known doctor and an experienced trader who was given early access to VABA)

Introduction to the world of numbers.

Have you noticed that certain numbers seem to be following you around? Maybe you looked at the clock and it was 11:11 – for the 11th time this week! Ignore it as superstition or dig deeper?

The esoteric study of meaning behind numbers has its roots in ancient mystery schools. The Greek sage Pythagoras, born around 580 B.C, is considered the father of Western mathematics and much of what we call numerology today. Pythagoras founded a mystery school where he taught the “numerical law of the universe”.

Many ancient cultures were working with advanced knowledge of numbers well before Pythagorean times. But it was Pythagoras who translated this knowledge into a more mystical language. The evidence of highly evolved mathematical knowledge is prominent in construction of ancient temples, pyramids, and many art forms.

Pythagoras understood that numerical patterns govern all geometrical ratios in nature. He heard the cosmic hymn produced by stars and planets in vibration. This concept became known as “The Music of the Spheres”, and was closely guarded as occult knowledge, reserved for those who had been initiated into the four sciences of life – all of which in the end sum up to numbers, by the way.




Everything in the universe vibrates, and we decode vibration by numbers.


A famous example of this can be seen in the Fib Golden Ratio also known as PHI.

Clearly numbers are everywhere!

What is VABA?

Vaba is reflection of human nature and its response to certain numbers in day to day life. Over the period of last 10 years I have analysed all the major financial markets and then studied the data in conjunction with ancient studies and created certain analytical algorithms which generate near to perfect levels for traders.

How do we use VABA?

Vaba is mean reflection of human behavior in the financial markets and can be best used with dedicated technical analysis skill set which I have developed and back tested along with the Vaba analytical algorithms.

What is the success ratio of VABA?

Vaba derived numbers are result of certain analytical data and such numbers have a near to zero failure rate.

User of Vaba need a certain skill set to work with it and this is where the possibilities of error exist which are completely dependent on skill set of respective user.

Can you share some trade setups based on VABA?

VABA has been successfully back tested on more than 10000 trades and we constantly share new trade setups as an when we make any new addition or changes in VABA base analytic algorithm.

Here are some of the recent trade setups.






All trade setups can be followed live from the date when they were published by creating an account of

You can also join our telegram channel where we regularly share our charts.

Are their any limitation for usage of VABA while trading in financial markets?

VABA in its present form is best recommended for all numbers over and above zero.

How can we access VABA?

We will be launching VABA (BETA) BEFORE 31 March 2019.
In beta phase we will be allowing access to very limited number of people.

For any further information please feel free to message @practin on telegram.