Introduce your child to a new culture through Air China Booking

Introduce your child to a new culture through Air China Booking

“You are brave enough if you are traveling gloriously and making unaccompanied journey”

Retitled in the mid-1960s, Air Canada became one of the trusted airlines who provides fine services to passengers. It stood at fifth position and recognized as the biggest airline in Canada. It is the national carrier and the largest airline (when measured by fleet size) of Canada. Founded in 1937, the airline provides its services to 207 destinations worldwide. With a fleet size of 189 aircraft, the airline operates on average more than 1,613 scheduled flights daily. It made 25 new routes in just a year and introduced Air Canada Signature Service for North American premium fliers. Whenever your child is traveling alone make sure you choose the best for his/her journey. Air China believes in delivering quality to the customer. They will make sure your child’s journey from departure to arrival. Through Air China Booking

Air China Booking

Read on the blog to know about the unaccompanied services:

Why Air China is best for Unaccompanied Minor services? 

When your child is flying alone, the team of Air China be there every step of the way to make sure the journey is an adventure. Air China Airlines make sure your unaccompanied minor has an unforgettable experience throughout his or her trip. From helping at check-in to transferring between flights or meeting guardians at the final destination, everything will be safely done.

What is age Requirement for Unaccompanied Minors?

• The UM services are meant for little ones who have reached the age of 5 but are under the age of 12. Those who are not accompanied by an adult who has reached the age of 18.

• Little ones who have reached the age of 5 but are under the age of 12 are accepted. Plan to travel alone can only be accepted for carriage through Air China Reservations.

• Little ones under the age of 5 and deaf and blind children under the age of 16 are not accepted for carriage.

• If your child has attained the age of 12 but is under the age of 18. If your child is deaf/blind and has attained the age of 16 but is under the age of 18, you can request the UM service of your own accord.

What kind of services do you get by Air China Airlines?

Air China Airlines will provide an unaccompanied minor with a small hanging bag which can help your child keep all travel documents and boarding passes. The dedicated ground service staff will help your child with check-in, customs clearance, security check and baggage check, accompany him/her while he/she waits for boarding, and keep all the travel documents. Your child will happily arrive at his/her destination through Air China Booking.

After boarding, the ground service staff will hand over all necessary documents and your child to flight attendants, who will, in turn, take good care of your child. The flight attendants will make sure that your child will have a happy journey. In case of a flight delay, they will have dedicated staff to take care of your child, and they will keep you informed. In case of flight cancellation, they will accordingly contact you so that you can come to pick up your child.

Everything becomes easy and possible through Air China Airlines. Make your child journey safe and entertaining through Air China Reservations. Get incredible offers and deals on your child’s booking.

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