Interview with the admin of HYIPs Nathan Green

Interview with the admin of HYIPs Nathan Green

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A friendly conversation with a TOP admin who undeniably launched the best fast projects in 2023. The last project ( gave everyone at least 200% net profit. In chats I read a huge number of kind words addressed to him by investors. His personal view of an outwardly very successful work is so interesting.

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Hello there. Thank you for taking the time to chat. I understand the anonymity, but how can I call you?

- Greetings! Well, to make it easier for you and the readers, in local chats they call me Green. Why exactly Green, Im wordering too) But if to be completely honest, then you can call me Nathan.

What is a common name in the CIS ...

- (he laughs) But the name is really like that)) I have a second passport, and this name is written there.

Admins have interesting lives. Okay, Nathan, tell us something about yourself. How long have you been involved in HYIPs and how did you become an Admin?

- I have a group of friends and each of them love excitement, extreme sports and the many other thing like that. We like to test our nerves, it is like a hobby. Some of us can spend a lot of money by gambling and get a lot of pleasure from this.

Im not an exception. But I chose a direction such as investing in high-risk investment projects (or HYIPs). It is true that I was not an investor for long.

I decided to try the experience of managing this type of project in 2019. About all the aggregators, blogs, monitors, etc. I didn't know at that time. I launched my first project with a fairly popular tariff plan at the time, 110% per day (hourly accruals). As a result, you won't believe how long it worked... but what can I say, it's better to show, check here - - asking what the secret is? And the secret is simple: I never thought about making money. I just wanted my project to work as long as possible and to make money for the investors. As a result I was so happy to see how a project with such fat marketing worked day by day. There were unpleasant moments when the money flow was negative. I feel them as a kind of test and personal mission. I tried very hard to prolong the work of project, no matter what the cost. For me, my project was first and foremost a game of chance in which I was prepared to lose my money. The same can't be said for many other admins... oh shit, am I off topic?

No, everything is fine. This is the first time I have seen such an attitude to HYIP from the admin side. Usually they just want money.

Please tell us more about your most successful project.

- To be honest, I do my best on every project. But here, as in roulette, a lot of factors depend on luck. Sometimes it's a project with the best preparation, everything thought out to the smallest detail - but people don't get it. They do not like some aspects, they will invent some kind of negative and they will not participate. Or, vice versa, the project "shoots", it catches people with something (maybe by design, or marketing, maybe it just works). And they do not want to quit from the project, they still invite new participants on a daily basis. The word-of-mouth effect starts, the project flies to the moon.

Such a flight happened in one of my projects - (maybe because of this project they called me Green). It magically flew into the masses. With each new day, more and more people joined the project. The servers could not cope with the enormous load due to the wild interest of investors. With this kind of marketing, it could turn out to be a problem, but fortunately I never spared money for services and a team of professionals, and I do not regret it. We overcame all these difficulties quickly and, most importantly, almost unvisible for the users.

So the project was all the same style (fast projects), there was a daily rate with hourly accruals. Good profitability + good affliate program. For all local investors, it is no secret what compound interest is, plus a fat refback from an upline. Putting all these percentages together, experienced hyipers managed to make huge percentages of profit. Later, I read in chats about cases where investors made about $10,000 from $200. That is a thousand percent net profit for a second! To be honest, I was shocked myself when I checked the numbers in the admin dashboard. It seems fantastic, but this is a real case. The man just knew what to do.

This success was achieved thanks to a well-coordinated team. And word of mouth, which got stronger and stronger every day. Also, I have never banned a large deposit, which is a bad habbit of many other admins. No bans? There is no negativity online. The project is flying.

Yes, I think many readers will remember this project. Great work!

Do you have a stable team? What areas do you cover with permanent staff?

- The team is definitely there. If you do it all alone, it is a huge job. You will be scattered in many directions and will not succeed in any of them. Each member of the team is responsible for one thing. One deals with requests and questions from investors, the second sets up the servers and makes sure they work properly. The third sets up the nodes and monitors the safe and fast operation of the payments.

I think a lot of people know what a blockchain node is? The project needs its own nodes, especially with hourly marketing. Especially at high speeds. People can withdraw profit every hour and the project pays a commission for this proccess of transactions. Connecting to a third party payment gateway, which is a lot in the network nowadays, is not the best solution. Firstly, it is unreasonably expensive: between 1% and 4% of each transaction. Secondly, it's not secure. Your keys = your crypto. And these gateways are created by anonymous people who can easily cheat the admin for a big amount. Everyone understands that the admin of the HYIp is not going to create a statement to the police. My experience has shown that despite the complexity of setup and maintenance, having your own nodes is the best solution.

Certainly, my result would be much more difficult (and probably impossible) to achieve by working alone. There are many investors, advertisers, everyone wants your maximum attention. If you do not pay attention to the appeals, people will pass by your project.

Its clearly visible that you are a person who is maximally engaged in the process.

As far as I know, all admins want to go either to networkers. Or foreign investors. What is your experience with these type of participants in HYIPs?

- "Networker" - this word makes me shudder. I'll explain why. Not so long ago I started the project, many of you will remember it. The start was internal, the project raises very fast. The picture from the beginning is beautiful, hundreds of thousands of dollars in the balance, investments of 10,000 in one payment... As always, I didn't ban anyone. I switched on, I started buying foreign advertising, I did everything possible and impossible - to digest such an active start. Even then I understood that the cunning (investors who enter the project at the very beginning and leave after 1, sometimes 2-3 rounds) will harm the project. There was no particular panic, at that time I had a reserve of $100,000 of personal funds for all kinds of force majeure, I was ready to spend it.

But even I went crazy when, on the 4th day of the project, the balance of the project was already approaching 0. This was due to purchased advertising. Everyone came and went as if on cue. I wasn't going to stop, of course. I continued to buy advertising, exchanging my money for other currencies, where the balance ended. Most of the withdrawal was in TRX and BNB (which have the lowest commission and which these "network people" love). Even more so when the outflow intensified. By the end of the 7th day of the project, all the currencies I had been frantically moving from wallet to wallet were gone, along with my reserves. As a result - SCAM, there was no any other way.

Of course I asked myself: what was the reason for this? This result of the work did not suit me at all. It's not even about the lost of my all money. Among the losers were enough people from a closes of friends who, knowing me, supported the project with their investments. I looked at the database, read chats, asked people what they thought.

As a result, I understood one thing: there was a call from several teams of 200-300 people. As it turned out, they were from the same category of CIS "networkers". The crowd invested all 4 days at maximum speed, many of them created a complex compound percentage every hour. On the 4th day they received a call to act from their "mentors": "Let's go! Let's fix the profit!" One knows, everyone knows. This false information quickly spread through the chats and led to a scam. Now the word "networker" makes me sick.

I have also heard about some CIS networkers. They ask for a lot of money, but the promises are not kept. Among "networkers", it is considered a good deed to get a money from administrators for "better" promotion. Of course, this is wrong.

- As far as foreign investors are concerned, there are also tricks. All investors want to make money. Nobody wants to be at the end of the line, where the train goes nowhere. Still, investors from Asia and developed countries are more loyal to projects. Many of them actively contribute to the development of the project, increase their deposits smoothly - which cannot be said of investors from the CIS.

As for the unsuccessful Grenagro, because the project was completed so quickly, foreign investors and partners did not have time to show their full potential. Some of them have not even set up their advertising companies yet, because everything there moves at a different pace to the Russians. Their active flow of investment ends a few hours after the start, and everyone is happy with their pennies. I'm still experiencing that scam, but what happened that already passed.

Share professional features. How do you reach a foreign audience?

- The only trick is to build a good reputation. And reputation, in our case, is a matter of price. It is impossible for an admin to make money on every project and have an impeccable portfolio at the same time. Someone has to lose. If the admin tries to keep projects, his risks are much higher than the risks of the fast scammers. And such an admin often goes into the negative and loses a lot of money. Especially with hourly fasts, where the smartest investors can make thousands of percent with compound interest and rebates.

Let's return to the subject of reaching a foreign audience. I used to try different types and methods of advertising. A number of YouTube channels, some of which can simply deceive you, some of which use a competent promotion of their channel when there seem to be views and comments - but there are no real investors. But here's the thing. If you already have some popularity, some name (as you can say I have), - many bloggers join by themselves and invite their friends. Less often there are cases where you are ingnored after paying for advertising. Because they know they have something to lose. Firstly, they lose their relationship with me (and the opportunity to earn money in my next projects). And secondly, the opportunity to earn a percentage of the profits is more than the price of the advertising.

I agree, word of mouth is the best advertising, it always has been and always will be.

Look, you are actually very successful in your business. Allowing people to make money. Why do you think 90% of HYIP projects do not even give a round and scam? Simple greed/inexperience of the administrators? Or is the HYIP industry on the wrong direction?

- Oh, see, the question is so complicated that the answer can be unpredictable :)

But seriously, about the success of my work: as far as I am concerned, anyone who gives 100% to his work will have a result. As I said before, administration is a hobby for me. I don't see the primary benefit in making money.

I am very interested in blockchain and everything related to it. Servers and how they work, different programming languages are interesting. I live it - maybe that's why it turns out to be successful. Coming back to the question of the team, I have a lot of both full-time and remote employees. But in their absence, I can completely replace almost anyone. Maybe that is what makes me different from other administrators.

Regarding your question about 90% of failed projects in the market. This is my subjective opinion, but I'm sure many will agree with me. A large number of HYIP administrators are HYIP investors in the past who decide to try from the other side of the game. But they come to the market with the wrong mindset. They all go with the hope of the earning millions here. They buy a leaky script, throw it on hosting for 2 pennies. They buy a few monitors and wait for financial freedom. Maybe I'm upsetting someone now, but it doesn't work like that.

Project preparation should always be up to date. The site must process all customer requests at lightning speed. There should be no hesitations, delays and even more mistakes.

As for the HYIP industry in general, I will say one thing. It all comes down to one big, how to put it mildly ... scam. The admin thinks how to fuck the investor. The investor, in turn, thinks: which project to pick to get in and make a quick profit without doing anything. Blogs, monitors, all kinds of recommendations - all of them are far from being holy people. They have built themselves a way of making money and have become addicted to easy money. They are used to a new admin coming in and buying a listing from them. He will make a bonus deposit from which profit will be without risk. Gives a commission and insurance. In response, they will promise the admin mountains of gold. And in fact, they will stupidly place the project on their site and score on it - money is received, the job is done? What he promised there, whether investors will come to the project or not, how to help the admin and extend the work of the project - the referee does not care at all. This selfish attitude is killing the whole industry.

Or, as the majority still like to do, they ask insurance from the administrator and put it on public display with the inscription: insurance is limited until such and such a date. Then there are promotions that offer a higher refund on the first deposit. Then everyone makes a helpless gesture: why are these projects closed so quickly? And what should a new administrator do in such a situation? Without a reserve, without a good team and, above all, without inspiration. As it turns out, he has been deceived too. The coffers are empty, the promised inflow of funds has failed to materialise, and all that remains is to close the project.

How do I see? Yes, everything is simple. No need to take out insurance from the start, especially with a limited period! Ideally, you will not have to pay any refunds, especially those increased on the first deposit! Then the start will not be fast, people will connect smoothly, the balance of the project will grow gradually. The admin will be less tempted to scam "hit and runners" at a good amount, because the balance will grow gradually and increase day by day.

Remove refbacks altogether! Then users will have an incentive to invite new friends. This in turn will encourage them to invite new friends, which is what the affliate program was invented for. And what is the point of, say, John telling Alex about the project? If Alex, after learning about the project, goes to monitoring for a 100%+ refback and John gets nothing from it. In the case of a scam, Alex will still show John for the "wrong" recommendation. The recommendation system is not designed for refbacks.

Interesting opinion. I agree with you, I myself sin with limited-term insurance. By the way, soon it is planned to make all funds on the PH blog perpetual and refundable for admins.

As for refbacks, things are more complicated, you are right that refbacks are generally harmful to a new audience. But just taking them and removing them for a separate resource will not work. The audience will just move on to the next blog. This is a common problem, but I do not see an easy solution.

Please write 3 short tips from your experience: for an investor in HYIPs, for a blog/monitor and for a HYIP admin.

- About Refback, I agree with you. Removing it on one resource will not bring any result. But we are talking about the HYIP industry in general. So if everyone had a crazy desire like me for example, to restore it, I'm sure it would have been a fucking result. But again, I repeat, everyone only thinks about their ass and their profits.

As for advice, it is difficult to say anything wise and relevant in the current reality. But I will share some of my personal observations and experiences.

The investor would be advised to look closely at every little thing in the project before making a deposit. If the project is perfectly prepared, the chance of long-term work and profit in it is much higher. Evaluate the marketing carefully, a lot depends on it. Take a closer look at what the admin does in the first 1-2 days of launch: does he buy maximum listings? Is he giving out fat insurance? The smoother the start, the greater the chance of long-term work.

First of all, I would like to ask Blog/Monitor to reject limited insurance and increased refbacks. We all benefit from longer running projects. Think about it. If you build your work on the agitation of a trickster, encouraging people with limited insurance and refbacks for the first deposit, this is the way to nowhere. In each of my projects I ask everyone to either not take refbacks at all, or at least not pay more than 100%. Ideally, you should not take all the shit porjects in a row for money. You're dragging your audience to the slaughter, you can't build a successful business at a distance.

I have already said a lot about project management. I repeat, the main thing is to approach the creation of any HYIP competently and professionally. If you don't want to do it well, with a soul, it's better not to do it at all. Be prepared for losses. Remember that good work will always be rewarded in the future. Do not buy any advertising in the first 1-2 days, no matter how much you want to. At most, take a few cheap ads to get your project noticed on the Internet. Ignore all the assholes who attack the PM. Maintain your list of working contacts. Serious people never write to strangers first, admins get in contact with them by themselves.

Thanks for the advice, You've written everything to the point.

What do you use for anonymity/security? Do you have any advice for young admins? Have you / do you know any admins who have had interactions with "authorities"?

- Anonymity? What kind of anonymity is there?) I don't run webinars, I don't open offline offices.

As for other acquaintances, I practically do not communicate with other admins. If there are any dialogues, they have not been started. I have never had any problems and have never heard of anyone having them.

But of course you should not accept payments on your personal card or start a project from your personal page on a social network.

I got you. You are now in France. Do the local tax authorities/police have any questions about your move? Do you try not to shine with a rich life, or do you not bother?

- To be honest, my rich life is far from administrative activity. In it, I can only boast a minus on the latest projects (laughs). I have an offline business that brings good profits. In HYIPs I relax, something like that. Someone is playing in a casino, someone is gambling, I am playing in HYIPs.

If the project can be closed at O or with a small profit - that is a great joy for me. Which I can immediately distribute to the team)

Accepted, you have a good orientation.

In our private conversations with you, you have often hinted at leaving the CIS market, "goodbye", etc. Can you explain what you mean by that?

- It is very simple: I find it very unpleasant that many people cheat for a few rounds and then watch from the sidelines. At this point you can close your eyes, everyone is different. But in my heart I feel that no matter how good you are to people, in the end many will still be dissatisfied. Everyone takes huge profits for granted. Is that the way it should be? I made money, I outsmarted the admin - I'm such a smart, handsome man. The admin clsoed the project? Here he is scum! - Without breaking down.

It's also disgusting to read about couch experts who do nothing, who don't pay anything, who just throw shit around in chats. Their profit is always small, the duration of the work is short, the design is not the same and the glass is always half empty... They start being negative without any reasons. After reading such rubbish, I ask myself: why am I doing all this?

The second point is paid listings. Referrals, bloggers do not want to work for the long term of the word at all. Knowing me, knowing my principle of work, my requests still make the start very aggressive, with a anti-method of hit and runners. Again, these increased refbacks, insurance, etc. Then, after 5 days of work, their team structures lead the project's balance to the negative. And I also have to pay them on bonus deposits - all this negatively affects the project and its life. Of course, you can understand their strategy. They need a pipeline: the faster the scam happens, the faster the admin will buy a new listing for a new project. Instead of, let's say, 30-50 days of work, we manage to keep the project going for about 20 days, with all the maximum profit from ourselves. Someone will say that this is so much for an hourly worker. I agree, but without my position and without my financial reserves at certain moments, the projects would hardly have been able to work for at least 2 weeks.

This is a long standing problem and in HYIPs this has been the norm for many years. What is the way out for you? You are still a super successful admin with a recognisable personal brand. I would hate to lose you to the industry.

- Leaving completely is unlikely. Despite all the negativity, I get a lot of positives out of my job. Including my team. I can't leave them unemployed. But I definitely need to take a good break and rethink some things.

At the moment I see the following option as a way out for me: no paid listings in the CIS segment. After all, those who really want to will get in without these stupid payments. All the others, who are just waiting for the listing, do not contribute anything to the project.

As a listing blogger, this is painful for me to read. You break my greedy heart)

- Well, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to break your heart) But these are the realities.

Well, where we are not. The work of a blogger has many nuances, and it is far from being as simple as you described. Sorry, I got distracted.

At the end of the interview I would like to ask you a personal question. How has working in HYIPs changed you as a person?

For example, I have been in the industry for 10 years and I have noticed a professional deformation in myself: I can't trust people, I consider all financial offers, even adequate ones, as fraud. It interferes with normal life.

- As far as personality changes are concerned, they are small, but they exist. In real life, every offer is checked 100 times. Before I agree and sign another contract, I go through a million possibilities in my head of how they can scam me. This happened many times in HYIPs when paying bloggers and YouTubers for advertising.

Still, sometimes in offline life, I see people as having only a selfish interest in me and nothing else. Maybe that's not fair sometimes. Again, such thoughts are constantly swirling in the subconscious because of the peculiarities of investment projects. Where everyone is guided primarily by selfish interests. Very often they keep in touch with you so that you can ask the admin for personal insurance in case of a project scam. Did many recognise themselves? :)

I think many, but most habitually is not carring about the thin voice of conscience)

Thank you very much for your time. Greetings, would you like to convey wishes to someone publicly?

- Thank you for the interview, this is the first text format interview for me. It took me not much and not a little more than 3 hours to write the answers.

I hope my views and advice will at least reach someone. We all - admins, and referrers, and investors - make money in this HYIP industry. And everyone should try to make their workplace a little better. Admins - do good projects and work for reputation. Referrals - remove the tools for scammers, don't be arrogant with listings. Invest more in traffic. Investors - while playing in the project, support it with good reviews, positive feedbacks in groups. At the end, everyone is interested in making every project work as long as possible and make everyone happy with a profit.

A big hello to everyone, hope to see you soon 😉

It is always a pleasure to communicate with you 🤝 From the bottom of my heart, good luck in business and in life.

- Bye!


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