Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Manuela Peralta Santana

We are living in a digital world. Nowadays we can not live without Internet, we use our cell phones and computers more than anything else. Now imagine a world where all objects in daily life were equipped with identifiers and wireless connectivity, these objects could communicate with each other and be managed by computers. Guess what? This is already happening and is called Internet of Things. We are able to connect TVs, refrigerators, cars, among other objects and manage them by computers.

8 pictures from 3 individuals show how much the Internet of Things contribute to their every day lives. 

Orquidea, Rosa Maria and Genaro live in Santiago, Dominican Republic, all 3 of them have Internet access in their homes and also in their phones. Below there is part of their activities using Internet. 

Orquidea and her smart phone:

Every day, Orquidea uses her smart phone to get in contact with friends and family members using any kind of social network.

Orquidea uses his smart phone to connect with her family and friends

Whenever she wants to get to some place she also uses her smart phone to know what is the best route.

Rosa Maria and her tablet:

Rosa Maria uses her tablet to call her relatives that are far away outside her origin country or just a couple of miles away.

She uses her tablet to watch the news and check out the weather to see if she will need an umbrella to go out.

Rosa Maria works in a cafeteria and uses her tablet to communicate with her vendors and customers.

Santos Genaro and his smart TV:

Santos Genaro uses his smart TV to watch videos and relax.

Santos Genaro connects his smart TV with his computer to work from home.

Santos Genaro watch his favorite series with Netflix.