Internet of Smells

Internet of Smells

Marius Buliga (chorasimilarity)
The world is wired. Is bathed in wi-fi waves. It is also full of smell.

Eve and Adam meet at a party. Both are good looking, the kind which 
is so clean that it looks almost puppet like.

When Adam sees Eve and approaches her, Eve is at first welcoming.
Her sniffer ring sends her a message. 
(The sniffer ring is just a ring with a feather moving somehow between
a dog tail and a butterfly wing. It is of course connected to the wired/wifi network.)

The message reads: "Adam has a very bad form of cancer. Is not good genetic material to mate with".

As the polite behaviour rules dictate, Eve forwards the notice to
Adam, maybe as a visual message, or as a message which appears on his health wristband, then she moves away, looking for other interesting people.

Adam is only mildly concerned. He contacts, privately, his
internet+health insurance provider and files a bug request. Then he goes along with the party.

The next scene happens somewhere far, visible from the external
conditions (like for example it is day there, while at the party place was night) and from the people in this scene (for example while Adam and Eve might be porcelaine figures, maybe blonds, or maybe japonese, the guys in the new scene are more like indians or pakistani.)

So these are a bunch of Mechanical Turks in a internet cafe like place in India (for example). They receive Adam's bug ticket. We can see one of them, or several doing various stuff on their not so modern computers, but one of them opens on his screen Adam's request.

We can see that the screen has two windows open, one is a REPL Lisp
window, the other is a chemlambda simulation. (This is a hook for a technical audience, important as any hacker movie screenshot.)

On the Lisp REPL there is an error message. The Mechanical Turk fixes it, then runs a chemlambda simulation. It works.

He then opens a smell convertor. (Variant, he opens "Nozzle", which is
just like Google page visually, he searches for a RNA like word, then he hits enter.) Job done. 

The third scene is Adam bedroom. He sleeps, not at all concerned,
something  between a puppet and a child in his bed.

Travelling to a detail in his room, which looks alike the sniffer
ring, only that it is a wifi router with a feather. Lights flicker and the feather begins to swosh. 

Travelling to the health bracelet of Adam. Shows: "Bug request solved.
Status: healty".

The night is quiet and peaceful. The sunrise begins. Adam dreams
something nice.

End.                                                                                                                                          CREDITS: 
[1] Based on "After the IoT comes Gaia", 
[2] The internet-health insurance provider idea is from a discussion with my brother Dragos Buliga 
[3] Thanks to Sandra Peric for making me write this particular scenario      
[4] For chemlambda see the github repository: 
 Marius Buliga, april 26, 2017