Netalitica is hiring Internet Censorship Researchers

Netalitica is hiring Internet Censorship Researchers

Netalitica Inc.

About Netalitica

Netalitica is a new research-oriented organization in the Internet freedom community which focus is on investigating information controls, Internet censorship and surveillance in various parts of the world. It has been recently set up to conduct its first project called “Improving Test Lists of Censored Online Content”.

About the project

This project aims to improve Citizen Lab’s test lists which network measurement tools (i.e. OONI Probe) use to do their job. If network probes have greatly evolved over the years, test lists for some countries have seen little updates, which negatively affects the quality of collected measurements and wastes resources of testers on the ground. This project aims to address these issues by updating the test lists of select censorship hot spots. At this stage, Netalitica is looking to hire:

·        One Regional Researcher to update the lists for select Middle East and North Africa states (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia and others);

·        Four Country Researchers to service the lists for Turkey, Pakistan, China and Iran.

More countries will be added as the project unfolds. This is a part-time position where country researchers will be hired on a monthly basis. 

What will you do:

As a country researcher, you will have one month to service the test lists of your state of interest and you will be hired for this duration of time. The regional researcher for MENA will update the lists of at least seven countries from that area and will be hired for the entire duration of the project, starting from March 1 until September 30. 

The expectation is that you will spend 3.5 hours daily to conduct the following activities:

·        Update the test lists for your respective country(s) with fresh URLs of recently blocked or likely to be blocked critical websites. For this purpose, you will examine various resources reporting on Internet censorship topics such as analytical reports, media accounts, social media channels of Internet freedom activists, etc.

·        Examine and clean “country” test lists from faulty URLs;

·        Balance “country” lists to include representative number of URLs from each category; 

·        Examine and clean the “global” test list from faulty URLs;

·        Outreach to local Internet freedom organizations, researchers and activists to further improve the quality of test lists;

·        Meet online weekly with the rest of the team;

·        Assist community researchers in areas serviced by the project;


You should have:

·        Excellent reading and writing skills in the main language(s) spoken in your country/region of interest

·        Strong communication and research skills

·        Knowledge of the Internet landscape of your country of interest, including the Internet filtering regime, Internet freedom organizations, etc.

·        Outreach experience

·        Experience in conducting research on Internet censorship topics will be an asset

·        Experience using anonymization tools and ability to conduct this research safely

·        Familiarity with using social media platforms popular in your focus country

·        Experience using network measurement tools (OONI probe) is an asset

·        You should not be receiving other forms of USG support



Remote. This is a part-time position that does not require you to be located in the country that you intend to research. In fact, for some high-risk security countries (i.e. Turkey), it would be better if you conduct this research remotely from another safe state.


The monthly salary will be $2,741 USD, based on $37 USD hourly rate and 74 work hours per month.

Start date

The researchers for MENA will start on March 1. The start date for other country researchers will be determined following the interviews with successful candidates.

To apply

To apply, send us an email to with the following documents attached:

·        Résumé/CV

·        Cover letter outlining your suitability for the role


Applications for MENA researcher will be accepted until February 25. Applicants who are interested to cover Turkey, Pakistan, China and Iran are invited to send their applications until March 17.

Thank you for your interest.