International Union X Conference 2019

International Union X Conference 2019


What is "International Union X Conference"?

This is the academic simulation of 9 international organizations and Parliament of Uzbekistan. It serves as the platform for young generation to model the biggest and impactful organizations which are dealing with ongoing global issues and socioeconomic problems.What organizations will be simulated in the conference?

The following list represents organizations which will be simulated during the conference:

o United Nations (UN) (English)

o European Union (EU) (English)

o Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (Russian)

o Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) (Russian)

o Parliament of Uzbekistan (Uzbek)

o Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (English)

o World Bank (English)

o International Labor Organization (ILO) (English)

o World Trade Organization (WTO) (English)

o World Health Organization (WHO) (English)

What are the dates of the conference?

The date of the conference is May 31-June 2 (the date is subject to change)

How many participants will take part in this event?

The overall number of participants: 450 participants (Delegates and Chairs)

In particular, 40 delegates will be chosen for each international organization and 50 deputies of Parliament for the simulation of Parliament of Uzbekistan.

Top 10 reasons to Attend Union X

✔️The continuation of International Union V conference

✔️ The first simulation of 9 international organizations and Parliament of Uzbekistan in the World!

✔️ The official languages of the conference: English, Russian and Uzbek

✔️ "The Rocket" Social Party

✔️ "United Globe" Cultural Exchange Event

✔️ "Miracles of Tashkent" city tour for all participants

✔️ The official visit of heads of international organizations in Uzbekistan and Ambassadors

✔️ Professional presentations by Top entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan

✔️ Licensed and patented international Certificate of Union X with QR-Code

✔️ 200 international participants from 30 countries out of total 450 participants

How can I be the delegate of Union X Conference?

1.Fill up the application form

2.Get the final result concerning your application within 3 days

3.Follow “Acceptance” email and pay the participation fee

4.Become the part of “Union X” Conference!

What is the participation fee?

Participation fee for local delegates equals to 120,000 soums.

Participation fee for international delegates is 50.00 USD.

How can I pay the participation fee?

Local delegates: If you receive acceptance email, you will be provided with card number of “Finance Director” of Union X, you should transfer the participation fee to the provided card, as soon as you pay the fee, you must contact with contact number provided under the email and send the proof of payment.

International delegates: If you get acceptance email from Secretariat, you will be given the full name, passport number of “Finance Director”. The available payment methods are money transfer via “Zolotaya Korona”; “MoneyGram”; and “Western Union”. As soon as you make the transfer, please send the paper of the payment to Finance director contact number provided in email.

Participation fee package includes the following privileges:

1. A right for participation in the whole 3 day of sessions

2. Coffee break and lunch during each 3 day sessions

3. Participants tool kits: Badges, Notebook, Pen, Closed folder, Bags

4. Licensed and patented Union X Certificate with QR code

5. Direct participation to “The Rocket” Social Party and “United Globe” Culture Day event

6. Possibility to travel around Tashkent under the program of “Miracles of Tashkent” city tour

7. All in all, the profound experience of networking, leadership and personal development skills

Delegate Application is now open!

Deadline: 5th May, 2019

Apply now via:

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