Interesting Facts About the American Gold Eagle Coin

Interesting Facts About the American Gold Eagle Coin

The design of the American Gold Eagle Coin is quite unique. Lady Liberty, the king of birds of prey, is depicted front facing. She is holding a flaming torch in her right hand as a symbol of enlightenment and an olive branch in her left hand to represent peace. The eagles are not the only birds represented on the coin. Many of the other coins in this series are also similar to the American Gold Eagle, including the silver and bronze ones that are also popular in gold IRAs.


The American Gold Eagle coin was first released in 1986, following the passage of the Gold Bullion Act. Congress created the United States Mint in 1792 after passing the Coinage Act. The mint was originally housed in the Department of State, but it became a part of the Department of Treasury in 1873. The United States Mint produces several types of coins, including commemorative coins, medals, and silver and platinum bullion coins.

The design of the American Gold Eagle Coin is based on the classical Greek design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. President Theodore Roosevelt chose this design, which shows Lady Liberty soaring towards the viewer. The reverse of the coin shows the name of Philip N. Diehl, President of the U.S. Money Reserve and former Director of the U.S. Mint. The gold eagle was the first gold coin in the United States to be produced with 24 karats.


The US Mint issues this coin in four different versions: proof, uncirculated, and burnished. The proof and reverse proof have 50 stars, whereas the uncirculated version has forty-six. The uncirculated American Gold Eagle has fifty-one stars. In addition to proof and burnished coins, the coin has additional stars reflecting the addition of Alaska and Hawaii after World War II.


The American Gold Eagle is a popular investment choice among investors. Its appearance is unique and striking. The obverse side shows Lady Liberty holding an olive branch and a torch. The right side of the coin features the capitol building. The reverse design, by Miley Busiek, features an olive branch in its claw and a female eagle with a baby. The eagles on the American Gold Eagle are available in 1/10th, quarter, and half-ounce sizes.


The eagle represents the unit of gold in America. The dollar is divided into ten different units: an eagle is one hundred and twenty cents. In the early American Eagle, the date was written in Roman numerals, but it was not uncommon to use Arabic numerals. The coin's edge is reeded. The eagle's wing protects her young. The eagle is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and the date is always the date of the birth.

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