Instructions for a beginner from ArTrading Club

Instructions for a beginner from ArTrading Club

What are signals for binary options?

Signals are a tool for joint trading. We conduct technical analysis and share this information with everyone.

Trade with us and get profit 7 days a week. Good luck.

How do I use signals?

 Step 1. Prepare a currency pair

We open a trading platform (in our case, this is if you already have an account, then we will definitely register a new one using the link so that I can track your transactions and help if anything happens); Accordingly, assistance is provided only to those traders whose account is registered using the link

 We top up the balance for the amount you need

 Find the desired currency pair (in this case AUD / NZD);

 Open a "Candlestick" chart with the required interval, for example 1 minute (interval M1); // The screenshot uses a standard chart

 We see a signal that the AUD / NZD currency pair will go down within 1 minute

 We place a down bet as shown in the chart and take profit

Tips for using signals

Money management

Always stick to a money management strategy. Do not bet more than 15% of the bank on a lot. The initial capital of a beginner can be 300-1000 UAH. this is enough to understand the basics, figure out several strategies for yourself, and so on.

When you register a new account at

 I see a list of my traders and can watch their trades + give advice on their trading tactics, so this will be a Big Bonus for you