Instructions Crypto Agent Bot

Instructions Crypto Agent Bot


First contact of a bot with user should be via referral link. If user followed without referral link system will ask for a referral code (TG ID) of a sponsor. After correct code is provided bot will ask for a Contact Information. Only after sending contact information user registration is complete. After registration user will have a static keyboard that consist of 6 buttons:

Marketing Button

In marketing section user will get his current rank, turnover from all downline (updated on each buy transaction at downline), and 10 lvls deep information. For each level represented Line marketing bonus in percents, amount of persons on that level (including not paid, but fully registered), and total turnover for that level. Referral link is generated with user telegram ID

Marketing section is disabled until user has purchased at least 1 month subscription

If user subscription is ended his marketing program remains active. Purchase subscription button will show 3 subscription options, with prices:

By pressing a desired package wallet is generated (for 24 hours, then archived for future use). QR code with all payment details is created

Finance Button

In Finance section user can fill is balance (there are no limits and no fixed summs). User has his own project balance, that can be filled by user, by marketing accruals or by administrator. User can purchase a subscription from this balance or withdraw it.

When pressing Fill balance system will ask user for a summ (it’s needed to generate QR code), though user can send any summ but only in one transaction and system will deposit it to user balance, notifying usr with a message.

Withdraw button will try to withdraw all balance funds in case wallet is entered, summ fits minimal withdrawal summ, summ fit’s limits (or will be withdrawed partly) Transaction will be sent automatically, in case automatical send is impossible user will receive a message that operation will be performed in 24 hours.

By pressing Pay for package user will get 3 buttons to pay for desired subscription package. Enter my wallet button will ask for a BTC wallet where funds from balance would be withdrawed.

My status button

This button will show user date until subscription is active (or will notify if it’s inactive). Once a day system check users expiry time and deactivating them (approximately at 12 UTC), it means that user subscription can be already expired but he can receive messages until next day 12 UTC. User will receive a message when 7 days, 3 days and 1 day before his subscription is over.

Coins button

If user is active he will be able to see the most profitable coins for mid- and longterm to the actual market situation. This section will not change daily, but its possible that it could change weekly or monthly, cause its a fast growing market with a lot of very good project out there.

Support button

Will give user message with support telegram contact.

Bonus button

This button will show content only to those users who has bought a 1 year subscription at least once. In this section the user will get secret tips that could brings him money without buying anything. He just need to follow the instructions, to get some coins for free ;-)