Installing Python and Pycharm by digital marketing company Delhi

Installing Python and Pycharm by digital marketing company Delhi


Hey guys. Now the first step to building and running Python programs is going to be to set up an environment that will allow us to do so easily. There are lots of ways we can go about doing in digital marketing company Delhi and Makka actually provides a built-in version of Python which we can then combine with any kind of a text editor and run through the terminal.

However, we're going to do things differently we're actually going to download a nice ide called Python which will allow us to build and run our Python projects with ease in one nice interface. OK. So we're going to go and open up a new window chrome or whichever browser you're currently using.

And I'm just going to search a charming download. Now I actually already have it it's going to be the first link of digital marketing company Delhi by the way. I actually have and the latest versions of Python downloaded. So I'll just walk you through the steps rather than slowly downloading and installing it myself

Session 1:-

So we're going to go ahead and choose the community edition rather than the professional one is pression wants to have three trial. So go ahead and open up. It's just going to start the download. Like I said I already have the lace version of Prytaneum unlaced version of Python so I'll just show you how to do these.

So with the DMG file downloaded which is going to go ahead and open the sky up, it's just going to open it and verify it make sure everything's good and assuming it is we can simply drag and drop it from its current location to our applications folder. I think mind space to the desktop.

So if this window doesn't pop up find out where it saved and then just drag and drop into applications. Like I said mine is already there so I'm not going to go through that step again. Once you probably make sure you have the latest version of Python downloaded and have stepped from digital marketing company Delhi India.

Session 2:-

So if we go to a Python downloads OK and then select the first link it's just going to provide us the ability to download the latest version of Python. Now I think the automatic version is two point seven but I'm going to be using three point six points two because this is going to provide us all the latest tools.

Let's go ahead and download that and just going to take second again. Open up this package. Now basically this will open up the python installer here. We'll just click Continue continue continue again. Agree with that. Assuming, of course, you have read it will provide probably the default install location.

Session 3:-

If you really want to customize things then change your install location by clicking on this but make sure you know exactly where it will install and then we'll just go ahead and click install. But like I said mine is actually already installed so I'm not going to go through that step.

So at this point probably want to pause the video of digital marketing company Delhi until you finish installing this should only take a few minutes so I'm going to assume that at this point you have it installed. You have arm installed and you have Python three-point. So we have all the latest stuff here.

So just going to X out of that can exile chrome and now we're going to go ahead and open up a new window of pie and so should be in your applications there. And again I can actually go ahead and get rid of that so community edition.

Session 4:-

Twenty seventeen point two should be the one that we'll be using and this is just the new project windows so as you can see any previous projects we've done will be on the left here.

It gives us the option to open an existing pro-SRA checkout from Version control or just create a new project. So I'm going to go ahead and create a new one. We'll have to provide a custom location for digital marketing company Delhi so if you want to choose something different than click on this and find some way to save that I'm going to actually choose a different location here.

So as you can see chose a custom location that we want the correct interpreter. And this is why I said it's important to remember exactly where Python is going to be installed. As you can see versions three points six Make sure you do have that particular version added.

Session 5:-

Worst case scenario we can actually change it later on but best is do at this step. So with that done, we can go ahead and press creates and by the way navigate to your correct Python version folder as you can see it got two point seven and six is options to the case.

So with that, I will create and those will just open up a brand new project for us because this is basically the welcome screen typically shows some tips you can actually unselect that if you don't want to be shown the tips anymore. But it's always a good idea to have those tips be displayed. They are usually pretty useful as suggested by digital marketing company Delhi.

So with the insulation complete add a new window of PIJ arm open. I'm going to end the section here. And coming up right away we're just going to share the idea a little bit.


So walk us through what Windows represent what how to create files and how to find the stuff that we need and just generally get familiar with this particular idea. Like I said it's really similar to Andrea's studio it's done by the same people so if you're really familiar with a studio or even eclipse then you should be quite familiar with this as well. So we'll be right back with a brief tutorial on getting used to the charm. Ideally.