Installing .IPA files for testing

Installing .IPA files for testing

First, download the .zip archive with the recommended scripts (

Quick guide for iOS Developers:

1. Obtain a valid signing identity and bundle ID

2. brew install bash

3. sh "signing_identity" path/to/profile.mobileprovision "bundle_id" path/to/source_ipa /path/to/destination_ipa

Extended manual for the rest:

1. Create a folder on your desktop.

2. Unpack the archive ( to the folder you created.

3. Install HomeBrew

4. Install bash using Terminal: brew install bash

5. Open Xcode.

6. Start a new project with any settings. Use a random string for Product Name.

7. Connect your iPhone to your Mac.

8. Choose your iPhone in the device selection menu.

9. Choose Personal Team in the Team section in project settings and wait for Xcode to generate profiles and certificates.

10. Press Build (cmd+B).

11. Open Finder.

12. Select Go in the upper menu while pressing the Option keyboard button. Select the prompted Library option.

13. Open MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles

14. Copy the file with the most recent date (most likely there’ll be just one) into the folder created in 1.

15. Open the Keychain Access app.

16. Choose the Certificates category.

17. Find the iPhone Developer option: (your name - alphanumeric string) - double click on it.

18. Copy the name emphasized in bold from the opened window.

19. Open Terminal.

20. Go to the folder created in 1.

21. sh "name copied from 18" "file name from 14" "Bundle Identifier from Xcode" "path to the .ipa you want to run" "name of the .ipa"

22. Open Xcode. Select Window - Devices and Simulators.

23. Move the resulting .ipa from 21 to Installed Apps.