Installation of ArrowOS

Installation of ArrowOS


Needed information:

The ROM has been tested in the following vendors: EEA Global India

You must come from one of the MIUI versions mentioned above.

If you want to use Google Apps, you should use the GAPPS variant, as on vanilla variant gapps can't be flashed for now.

Recovery flashing instructions:

  • Boot your device on fastboot mode (pressing volume - and power with the phone powered off / right after a reboot).
  • Open a command prompt on the computer, and with the phone connected to it, run: fastboot flash recovery path\to\the\recovery
Example on Windows: fastboot flash recovery Downloads\recovery.img
  • Once flashed, reboot to the recovery (pressing volume + and power with the phone powered off / right after a reboot).
  • You should now be on the recovery mode.
  • If you boot to an official MIUI ROM, the recovery will be overwritten by the Xiaomi's recovery most of the times, so try not to boot to MIUI after flashing the recovery.

ROM flashing instructions:

  • Save the ROM in a storage that you can access from recovery (SD card, for example).
  • Flash a custom recovery (either ArrowOS Recovery or TWRP) and boot into it, as described above.
  • Search for the ROM and flash it.
TWRP: Install -> Search for the ROM -> Select it and flash it
ArrowOS Recovery (use power and volume buttons, or the touchscreen for navigation): Apply update -> sdcard1 -> Search for the ROM -> Select it
  • Once flashed, you must format data for avoiding any kind of issues.
TWRP: Wipe -> Format data -> Type 'yes' and press enter
ArrowOS Recovery: Factory reset -> Wipe data/factory reset-> Accept
  • Wipe cache and ART cache.
  • Reboot to system.
  • You should now be booted after the bootanimation.

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