Instagram Live Feature And Contest Can Enhance Site Traffic

Instagram Live Feature And Contest Can Enhance Site Traffic

If you run an Instagram contest, it will be much easier for you gain more traffic to your site. However, if you want to make your contest a success, you will need to partner with a ‘cool’ business for sure. It is only then you should a giveaway or a contest. Make sure that you keep these things in mind to make your contest a success.

·        Reward users with prizes for tagging their friends in the comments and for following both accounts

·        Partner with a business or influencer of similar target audience and market

·        Give such a prize that will excite the community and encourage to participate

·        Create clear rules for the contest and

·        Run your contest for a short period of time, ideally for 2 to 3 days and not more than 5 days.

Moreover, if you are partnering with an influencer let the influencer host the contest on their account. On the other hand, if you are partnering with a brand or business it is up to you to decide and choose the best account from the two to host the contest.

When the Instagram contest is over and you have found the winner or winners, you will see a significant boost in your Instagram followers. However, this does not mean your job is done. Now you will have to focus on your new followers and pay attention to their likes and wants so that you deliver them with that and make them feel like they are a part of your community. If you do not then you will risk losing them.

Use Instagram Live

Off and on, you may produce new products or offer new services. Make sure that you make its launch a successful affair and the best way to do so is by using Instagram Live. This is one of the several useful features of Instagram that will effectively and efficiently tease the new products or services.

However, a lot of businesses are still hesitant to use Instagram Live and it is quite understandable. This is because, for most, the idea of going “live” on Instagram can be pretty daunting since there are no scope of any ‘retakes’ in Instagram Live as it is in Instagram Stories where you can publishpre-recorded videos.

But the fact is that Instagram Live is a very useful feature and has a huge value for businesses.

·        If you use this feature correctly, it can prove to be an unbelievable channel for driving new followers and engagement.

·        This will in turn increase the traffic to your site and eventually help you to achieve larger business goals.

It is for this reason that it is seen nowadays that there is a recent trend among the businesses as well as other marketers and experts such as Stormlikes.comof using this channel to launch new products.

Making the most of it

If you want to make the best use of this strategy in your live broadcast you will need to make sure that:

·        You take your hottest product to launch

·        Release very few details about the product deliberately.

This will raise the interest in users to know more about the product and for that that matter they will look for the link, which you should ideally skip in the teaser, and click on it to visit your official website.

In order to raise further interest among the users, you should follow this approach over a period of a few days or even a few weeks. This will help you to maintain the mystery which will surely drive your users into a frenzy.

Ask for sign up

When the teasing episode is over, you should ask the viewers to sign up to gather more information about the product on your website. This will in turn raise the number of organic traffic to your site, increase the chances of conversion and making a sale.

This approach will also provide an exclusivity to your live video. It is this element that will not only set your product, brand and business apart from your competition but will also increase the number of leads you will get as the people will be encouraged top act immediately.

Share your broadcast

Last but not least, you should share your Instagram Live broadcast on your Instagram Stories later on. This will also increase your reach.

·        In order to do so you will need to first tap on the “Share” button that cones up once the broadcast is over.

·        This will ensure that the live broadcast will remain live on your Instagram Stories for 24 hours.

·        You can choose to make it stay even longer as well by adding it to your highlights where it will stay permanently till the time you decide to delete it.

That means, your users can see the video and come to know about the launch even after the live broadcast is over. This is very useful for you because the users who may have missed the live broadcast will now be able to see it as well eliminating the chances of losing them for the scene.

 Bonus tip to end

You can make your efforts even more productive and increase the site traffic by using the Swipe-Ups feature that is rolled out by Instagram last year. This will enable you to add links to Instagram Stories. This is a pretty good idea in fact because this is the first time ever that you will be able to add links to Instagram which is not the link in your bio.

However, this feature is only available in Instagram business profile that has more than 10,000 followers and verified profiles.

Lastly, make sure that you check out the Replies to know about the traffic count. This is actually the number of times users respond directly to your Instagram story, in party or full. However, these responses will not appear publicly and will be only found in your inbox.

The gist of the matter is, it is only when you get more views you will have more traffic to your site & cover letter for promotion.