Inside Exeter College: Oxford's Haven of Academic Excellence

Inside Exeter College: Oxford's Haven of Academic Excellence

A Glimpse into Exeter College: Oxford's Beacon of Learning An Insight Into Exeter College's Rich Past Situated in the heart of Oxford, on Turl Street, Exeter College was established in 1314 by Walter de Stapledon, who was the Bishop of Exeter and a minister to Edward II. The college stands as the fourth oldest in the University of Oxford. Renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, picturesque gardens, and a robust sense of community, the college holds a special place in the university.

With a history steeped in richness, the college boasts of notable alumni such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Alan Bennett, and Philip Pullman. The tranquil setting of its magnificent architecture and gardens serves as a perfect backdrop for both study and relaxation. Offering a broad spectrum of subjects for study, the college is equipped with top-notch facilities and resources.

The main college site is situated in the heart of Oxford, providing easy access to all the city has to offer. Its central location means that many of the University’s facilities are just a short walk away, including the Bodleian Library, the University Parks, and the Science Area. The college premises house a 24-hour open library, a dining hall, a chapel, and a JCR (Junior Common Room), complemented by a MCR (Middle Common Room) designated for graduate students.A strong tradition of academic excellence is a hallmark of Exeter College. The students here consistently secure some of the top academic results across the University. The college offers a supportive and stimulating environment, with a range of academic support services including regular tutorials and classes led by experienced tutors.

Discovering Living Spaces at Exeter College A variety of accommodation options to cater to diverse preferences is available at Exeter College. All first-year undergraduates are guaranteed accommodation, usually in the college’s Turl Street site or Cohen Quad. Rooms range from traditional sets in the main college site to modern en-suite rooms in Cohen Quad.

Exploring the Facilities at Exeter College Exeter College is home to a plethora of facilities that aid students in both their academic and leisure endeavours. Offering a tranquil space for study, the college library operates 24 hours a day. Additionally, the college houses a well-furnished gym, a room for music practice, and a laundry facility.

Exeter College's Commitment to Student Welfare The welfare of students is a priority at Exeter College, with a variety of support services on offer. Services encompass the provision of a college nurse, a chaplain, and a counselling facility. Furthermore, a dedicated welfare team is in place to safeguard the well-being of all students.

A Peek into Life as a Student at Exeter College Student life at Exeter College is vibrant and diverse, with a range of clubs and societies to join. A strong musical tradition is upheld at the college, featuring a chapel choir and an orchestra. Additionally, the college hosts a myriad of sports clubs, encompassing rowing, rugby, and netball.

Entry Process The entry process at Exeter College is competitive, aiming to draw in the brightest and most exceptional students globally. The college has a strong commitment to widening access and encourages applications from students of all backgrounds. Designed to pinpoint students with the utmost potential, the admissions process does not discriminate based on background.

Contact Prospective students seeking further details about Exeter College can either explore our website or directly reach out to our admissions tutoring office. The college also offers regular open days where prospective students can visit and learn more about life at Exeter.

Final Thoughts Exeter College stands as a beacon of academic excellence and a vibrant student community in the heart of Oxford. Offering an enriching environment for students from various backgrounds, it prides itself on its rich history, strong traditions, and state-of-the-art facilities. Whether captivated by its stellar academic reputation or the dynamic student life, Exeter College guarantees a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Additional Resources For those interested in learning more about Exeter College, our website offers a wealth of information and resources. Personalised advice and guidance are also available for prospective students through our admissions tutors.

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