Infomix South Africa

Infomix South Africa

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Infomix South Africa is an Information Societies Technology project for providing an advanced system for information integration. Condor Green Infotech contains useful information about Infomix and the project completed and ongoing activities. Using Infomix South Africa you'll find how to manage project internal documents. You can quickly Infomix  database has been used in many high transaction rate OLTP applications in the retail, economics, energy and services, manufacturing, and shipping sectors. More recently the server has been enhanced to improve its support for data warehouse workloads.

The Infomix South Africa database is designed to be fast and flexible with the strength to seamlessly combine SQL, NoSQL/JSON, and time series and spatial data. Its versatility and comfort of use make Infomix a preferred solution for a wide range of environments, from enterprise data warehouses to individual application development. Also, with its small footprint and self-managing capabilities, Infomix is well suited for fixed data management resolutions.

The single Informix platform helps you control transactional workloads easily to allow analytics-driven insights immediately. Infomix South Africa offers easy features like “smart triggers” that complete event-driven processing and database drive notifications, with no schema settings. This allows you to automate your data administration and focus on your business.

To support mission-critical environments, Infomix South Africa includes high-availability data replication (HADR), remote secondary standby database servers, and shared-disk secondary servers. The flexible grid feature also enables rolling upgrades with no outages.