Indulge in Harry Potter Tours from London with London Country Tours

Indulge in Harry Potter Tours from London with London Country Tours

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Only a handful number of people are there who have never read the novel and never seen any of the Harry Potter movies. J. K. Rowling helped our imagination get wilder with her critically acclaimed fantasy novel series—Harry Potter. Warner Bros. bought the film right of the Harry Potter books, and the rest is history. Almost all of us loved watching the heroic deeds of Harry Potter and his friends—Ron Wesley and Hermione Granger. Now, we are providing you with the opportunity to visit those exclusive places where the filming was done in reality. Yes, Harry Potter Tours from London organized by London Country Tours will allow you to walk the same roads where the iconic characters of this much-loved fantasy film series had walked while shooting the films. 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

It would be interesting for the readers to know that in March 2011, Warner Bros. Made an announcement declaring their intentions to model a tourist attraction in the United Kingdom to flaunt and display the Harry Potter film series. It is famously called the Making of Harry Potter. It involves a behind-the-scenes walking tour. The tourists will get the scope to visit all the authentic sets where the film shooting had taken place. They will also get the chance to see the unique and quirky costumes donned by the famous characters on the silver screen. Harry Potter Tours from London with a leading tour agency will guarantee a memorable trip.

Trust on London Country Tours

 The tourist attraction is erected at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden. It is the very site where all the eight movies of the Harry Potter franchise were made. London Country Tour has been in the travel industry for a considerable time now. They have the skill to design the tour itinerary in a manner that promises a proper exploration of all the major tourist attractions within a stipulated timeframe. The local-based tour agency promises a memorable trip to the Warner Bros. Studios.

The tour itinerary covering the major attractions

The tour itinerary program covers visiting the Great Hall, where the Slytherins, Gryffindors, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaws enjoyed their sumptuous meal displayed extravagantly. Then comes the Diagon Alley, and hopefully, you are not mispronouncing it as “diagonally” as Harry did once in the Chamber of Secrets! Do you wish to get an upfront view of how the Gryffindor Common room looks and feels like? We will help you fulfill your wish as our tour itinerary covers Gryffindor Common Room as well. The Potion’s Classroom film sets are also there at the Warner Bros. Studio. You surely wouldn’t like to miss the scope to pay a visit at the Hagrid’s hut where the three musketeers (Harry, Hermionie, and Ron) frequented whenever they were in doubt. 

Now, watching the life-size models of your favorite Harry Potter characters will add more joy to your trip to the studio. Screen effects in action and animatronics will make your trip more enjoyable. The studio started welcoming travelers and tourists to visit their fascinating attractions from March 2012 onwards.

It also includes Downtown Abbey Tour that includes Highclere Castle in Berkshire, located in South East England.

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