Induction Hobs - How are They Different from Gas Hobs?

Induction Hobs - How are They Different from Gas Hobs?

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Induction hobs have been a hot favourite in the market of modular kitchens in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surat, and many such big cities - and the number one reason seems to be the its low cost. While these were quite a highly priced options till the recent past, induction hobs are now going to become extremely competitive in their prices making them far more affordable to households when it comes to choosing amore energy efficient way to cook. It is the popularity that is making their market prices come down, and the popularity seems to be ever growing as the prices are coming down. It’s such positive cycle of growth that everyone wants to be a part of it. More and more people have therefore been making a conscious choice to leave their old traditional hobs for these modern induction hobs.

Not just price, but as you will see while reading further, induction hobs are an all-in-all fantastic options, as they are energy efficient, environment-friendly, and what not. They don’t just offer pros over the traditional hobs, but they’re amazing options by themselves too!


You will that there are power-boost options built-in in the induction hons, that boost their power output by about 50%. With you food taking about half as much time as your regular hob, saving a lot of energy and also your time! And time is a fleeting resource in everyone’s busy lives these days.


Induction hobs do not get piping hot like your regular gas hobs do. They only get slightly warmer, making them way more safer an option than gas hobs. With an induction hob, you do not have to risk getting burned while or even after cooking (getting a pot of freshly made hot food off from the hob). Another thing that makes it safe is, as soon as you remove a pan from the hob, it gets automatically switched off. So, you don't have to worry about having forgotten to turn off the hob. And isn’t the risk of gas getting emitted into the kitchen and starting a fire always a risk with gas hobs? This risk is completely eliminated with the use of induction hobs. Furthermore, because the combustion fumes getting off a burning hob are complete absent in this case, you never have to feel the familiar irritation on working in an increasingly hot kitchen. The heat generated by an induction hob is radiated back to the hob itself instead of getting released in the kitchen workspace. This makes it safe, healthy, as well as a less bothersome option!


It’s so easy to clean an induction hob! And that’s not even saying that compared to gas hobs they’re easier - it’s saying that are easy, irrespective of the gas hobs! First of all, they have such a smooth surface - the kind of surface that’s perfect for cleaning. Next, it doesn’t heat up the spillages that you might have accidentally caused while cooking, like a gas hob does. So, you can remove them easily using a damp piece of cloth. Induction hobs don't get overheated, and so you don’t have to wait for it cool down to get it cleaned. You can start cleaning almost right after your cooking is done. That doesn't just make your work easy, but it also makes an induction hob more hygienic than its counterpart.

Environment – Friendly

Cooking using an induction hob isn't just an easy and risk-free option, but it’s also good for the environment. It’s the energy efficiency, the absence of carbon dioxide emissions, it’s own energy requirement being about 15-50% lesser than that of a conventional gas hob, and the fact that there’s no overheating of the workspace as the heat is transferred back to the pan - it all makes an induction hob environment-friendly option.

Modular kitchens in Vadodara, along with other places employing induction hobs isn’t just about employing a better way of cooking, but also a better and a more sustainable lifestyle. Making this choice is not only great, therefore, it’s also right in every way.