Indian Modular Kitchens: Design Issues

Indian Modular Kitchens: Design Issues

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The rising popularity of modular kitchens in Kochi, Ahmedabad, and all over India has led to both good and not-so-good things. The great thing of course is, people are realizing how any kitchen, just by being modular in its design and nature, can simplify one’s daily life to a huge extent. Almost wherever you go, the concept of having various modules to further assemble into a kitchen - this concept is taking a stronghold in people’s minds.

But, the bad thing is, just in the haste of getting a modular kitchen, people are forgetting that modular or not, everyone’s kitchen is different. It’s simply because, everyone’s home that eventually houses a kitchen, is vastly different from one another. 

On top of that, this concept is a Western one, that we are now adopting. We can take the concept, but we can’t downright anything. For one, the architectural questions our kitchens pose, and second, the the work that gets done in the Indian kitchens - both bear a big difference from their Western counterparts.

> If we move into a house, it has its own kitchen, which more often than not is a traditionally designed one. Therefore, you can’t build a cent percent modular kitchen in there.

> The work triangle that we usually talk about, it already comes decided by the builder himself. So, you can't change that.

> The countertop is usually a granite one - and it’s not at all easy to get it changed. A lot of work goes into removing and then rebuilding a counter space.

> Indians, by and large believe in Vastu, or the more modern ones try to follow Feng Shui to the word. Due to this, the international modular kitchen design standards are bound to collide with the superstitions. Needless to say, the superstitions win.

> A lot of other restrictions and other civil issues, like a slanting wall, and such are almost always present, which are as good as impossible to change. 

Whether it's modular kitchens in Kochi, or one in Ahmedabad - these design tips work great anywhere and everywhere. Try these in your kitchen, and you won’t be disappointed by the results!