Index certificate attestation – one basic step that needs to be completed efficiently

Index certificate attestation – one basic step that needs to be completed efficiently

Elina white

Have you applied for a work or study visa and been told that you need to get your original documents attested before proceeding ahead? Index certificate attestation is the first step towards beginning your journey into a foreign land for relocation, work or study. Whichever country you stay in, if you plan to cross borders and become a resident of another country, it is imperative that you undertake the work of certificate attestation with thoroughness and diligence.

What are the documents that need to be mandatorily attested when moving to another country?

  • Personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, religion-related certificate, and more.
  • Educational documents like school, college, graduate and post-graduate, degree, diploma, work experience, statement of marks, and more.
  • Commercial documents like contracts, invoices, bills of lading, terms and conditions, technical documents, import and export documents, Incorporation certificate, Memorandum of Association, Board Resolution.

While the personal and educational documents are required for individuals, the commercial documents are required to be attested for companies that want to set up their branch offices or any other form of unit on foreign land.

Steps of index certificate attestation

  • your personal, educational and commercial documents need to be first attested by the local and regional notary bodies.
  • The documents then need to be validated and legalized by attestation from the state-level government bodies.
  • Finally, the documents reach the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE for attestation and verification. Once the Ministry completes the process of authenticating your documents, the certificates reach the Indian Embassy in UAE. Here, it undergoes Indian embassy attestation in UAE to complete the entire process.

United Arab Emirates is not part of the Hague Apostille Convention. Hence, residents from any country visiting UAE or vice-versa where citizens of UAE want to relocate to any other country, index certificate attestation becomes the basic step to undertake for visa processing.

The significance of the entire process makes it essential that individuals and commercial establishments undertake the process with thorough accountability and responsibility. You need to ensure that the process is rolled off by hiring the services of professional attestation companies. These are people who have comprehensive knowledge about the entire attestation process. Though the overall process remains similar, however, the rules and regulations pertaining to different types of visas are different.

Different countries have varied processes and procedures. You need to ensure that you choose an experienced service provider so that you are able to utilize the best services at cost-effective rates as well as derive maximum efficiency. From arranging the paper-work to ensuring that the documents pass through all steps in a synchronized manner, from collecting your private and confidential documents from your home to having them delivered back with professionalism, a lot depends on how well the agency forwards the papers and follow-up at each step.

For Indian embassy attestation in UAE pick only such an agency that is reputed and reliable – one that has several years of experience to back their know-how and qualifications