Increase traffic and Improve Alexa Ranking

Increase traffic and Improve Alexa Ranking


One of the most familiar words today among web craftsmen and webmasters is to improve Rank Alex. This word is most widely used for news sites (news agencies) and online magazines. Rank Alex and the amount of traffic for a site for a news site or an online magazine, defines the value of that site and, of course, represents the amount of advertising on that site. But before increasing traffic, you should have a very important factor called CTR. The fact that we mean it. CTR: Click Trough Rate or Where to Traffic!!! Of course, CTR in the Google Webmaster has a different concept, which is how many times you clicked on Google for your number of views on Google. For good CTR and get good ranking by Google you can buy Alexa website traffic and boost your ranking immediately and get rank from Google too.

Source of website traffic

Aside from the volume of traffic entering a website that represents the Rank Alex, the source of traffic is one of the most important and influential factors of value on a website. The traffic source or traffic source is the traffic that traffic flows to your site. This very important factor is divided into six general categories.


Direct Traffic

The user enters the destination site directly without intermediary by typing the target site address. This traffic is easy to buy, many sites sell direct traffic. The dearth of traffic, the higher the number, can reduce the percentage of organic, social and reference traffic, which, even with the best Alexa Rank, reflects the low value of traffic on that site.

Traffic with social resources (Social Traffic)

This traffic is very valuable from sites that have been filed as social networks. This kind of traffic is so valuable that it cannot be compared to any traffic even with organic traffic. In order to obtain this kind of traffic, you need to have content marketing on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, .... This traffic is one of the important factors in improving your website's position in search engines like Google.

Paid Traffic

Be sure to hear about google ads. When you use Google AdWords’, you buy traffic and you pay for each click. These types of traffic are recorded as Paid Traffic, and contrary to popular belief, there is no value to SEO or to improve the position of your site in search engines.

Targeted Organic Traffic

One of the types of traffic that is increasing is the reach of any webmaster. By increasing this type of traffic, you prove to your website's contacts that you've been so valuable that search engines are introduced to people. Yes! This traffic is the same traffic that comes from your search engines. Organic traffic in 2017 was identified as the first factor in determining Google's results.

Traffic with specific reference

Any traffic coming from non-social sites towards you will be referred to as traffic with the reference. This traffic can also be very important and valuable if you come from high-value PR sites to your site. Imagine you have a news site and traffic will reach as much as 5% of CNN's site! It really makes

Receive traffic through peripheral advertising

One way to increase site visits is to insert ads on other sites. In either case, your sitelink may be targeted to the site. Do follow link and No follow link. Usually the basis is that the ads are from the no follow type link. This method has two advantages for you. First attracting traffic and secondly creating backlinks or external linking.

Traffic with email source

The traffic generated through targeted email marketing can be very effective for marketers or customer engagement. Perhaps this traffic will not have much impact on SEO and improve the website's rank in SERP, but it can be considered as an appropriate marketing strategy.