In Arrears Ch. 11

In Arrears Ch. 11

The penultimate chapter of the Katie saga, and our heroine is now a call girl in addition to being a porn star. This one is a bit extreme so please note the story tags. Katie loved it though, the dirty bitch :)

A fantasy: depiction is not endorsement.


The morning alarm was still a few minutes from going off when Katie's phone began buzzing intently. She picked up, blinking the sleep from her eyes.

"Good morning lover!" said Khloé from the tinny speaker. "Did you miss me last night?"

Katie pondered what to say. "I did," she admitted, still fuzzy with sleep, "though... um, I might have had company. Sorry, I hope that's OK?"

There was a dirty laugh from the phone. "You don't waste time, you slut! I want details!"

"It's, um, kind of a long story."

"Oh, come on, you can't leave me hanging like that!"

"OK, well, the other night I was horny so I flashed my tits at the guy over the road, so he came over and I let him fuck me in the arse. Then his wife found out and last night she came over to yell at me, but she was faking it. She was really trying to get me to fuck her. So, um, I did. Also in the arse. With, um, the double ended dildo you got me."

There was silence, then an explosion of scandalised laughter.

"I guess... it actually wasn't such a long story after all," finished Katie lamely.

"You'll have to introduce me," laughed Khloé. "What do you think, would they be any good on camera? There's a market for that 'real couples' stuff."

"You know, they actually might. Sorry though. We haven't really discussed, um, exclusivity. I just assumed that with the job and everything..."

"Let me stop you there," said Khloé. "You're my Mistress. And I'm your slave, right?"

"Yes, of course."

"And do you love your slave?"

Katie answered honestly. "More than anything, except Charlie."

"As it should be. As long as you love me, then I don't mind if you play around. In fact, it's exciting. It's more fun if we play around together though!"

Katie was relieved. "Agreed. When might we do that, do you think? Fancy skiving off work?"

"Sorry babe. I'd love to, but I actually have a bunch of stuff to do today. And you have a hot Friday night date!"

"Friday... what?"

"I was a busy girl last night. I spoke to Amber and she cannot wait to meet you. She wants to take you to dinner later. And then dessert." Katie could practically hear Khloé's eyebrows waggling.

"Oh, wow. That was fast."

"Time is of the essence, remember? If you're on board I'll come over later to look after Charlie."

"Are you sure? I feel like I'm abandoning you again. And on a Friday night as well."

"Hey, I abandoned you last night, remember? Plus I'd love to hang out with Charlie some more if I'm going to be moving in. I've got some matches and a chainsaw to give him," she laughed.

Katie couldn't help but smile. "Well, if you're sure..."

"What's the point of having a slave if they won't babysit while you're out getting fucked for money?"

She's got me there.


Katie was a bundle of nervous energy. They day seemed to simultaneously drag and go by too quickly.

The text arrived late in the morning.

"Dear Katie, I'm very much looking forward to our time together this evening, I hope you are too. I have been watching your videos and enjoying them greatly. I'll be waiting in the bar of the Arsinoe Hotel at 7:30 this evening. My driver will pick you up at six. Everything you need will be waiting in the car. I would prefer if your pussy was completely shaved. Amber x"

Well, there it is. My first instruction from a client.

Katie wondered why she was apprehensive. Was it because meeting a strange woman for sex was a different prospect to the controlled environment of a porn shoot? Yes, but my scenes have been anything but controlled. Except... yes, maybe that's it. I ESTABLISHED control. But in this case I'm being paid to be the client's toy. She's the one in change.

Or is it because up 'til now, I've been a movie star? Guys around the world are jerking it to me getting fucked. Katie got wet at the thought. But tonight, I'm just a whore.

Katie also wondered why Amber had allowed over an hour to drive into town. Was she paranoid about traffic? Or was there some other reason?

WIth trembling fingers, she typed. "Dear Amber, I'm looking forward to meeting you too. Rest assured, I will be completely smooth for you. Until 7:30. Katie Xx"

Khloé showed up around five, and shooed Katie to the bathroom to get ready. With some consternation - she'd yet to see Khloé attempt to cook anything or feed a child - Katie acquiesced.

The butterflies in her tummy mirrored the ones tattooed on it as she scraped the neat patch of blonde hair from her cunt and into the shower drain. Such a small thing, but she felt more naked without it, more vulnerable. She had an idea that was the point.

Don't be silly, she chided herself. Amber probably just likes licking a shaved cunt. She teased her clit, trembling at the fantasy of those mesmerising eyes gazing at her while Amber's tongue went to work.

Katie wasn't sure what to make of the instruction that 'everything' would be provided. She was familiar with the Arsinoe in passing only. It was a very exclusive hotel in Mayfair, so she tried to prepare accordingly. She picked a sexy but demure black cocktail dress from her pre-porn wardrobe, and dug out some heels that were high without being overly slutty. She topped it off with the pendant gifted by Khloé. Her makeup and hair struck a similar balance between hot and respectable.

Her phone buzzed at 5:59. She hugged Charlie and then Khloé. "Have fun!" smiled her lover. "You'll be great."

Katie gawped when she saw the vehicle which had inserted itself with difficulty into the street outside her front door. It was a dark silver stretched Rolls Royce. A smartly dressed chauffeur was holding the back door open for her. Well, if the neighbours weren't gossiping before...

He said nothing as she entered the palatial car, simply closed the door behind her. Clearly, Amber was doing well for herself, so the evening might turn out to be a lucrative one after all.

On the opposite bench seat of the Rolls's limo-like interior were several items: a shoebox, a garment bag, a carry-on style suitcase and a small clutch bag.

There was a click and a woman's voice - Amber's - filled the car. "Good evening, Katie. Now that I have you more or less alone, I should tell you that I mostly like to watch. So this evening is all about putting on a good show. Please me, and you will be very well compensated."

Katie's stomach flipped with a mixture of fear and excitement. She likes to watch? I guess I might be taking some stranger's cock after all. She regardied the driver thoughtfully. He's not bad looking. WIll it be him?

As she peered at the chauffeur Katie noticed a small camera mounted on the roof of the Rolls. It looked like the sort of thing normally found on a high-end security system, a ball mounted on a pivot so it could move in any direction. Right now it was pointing at her. I guess I AM destined to be on camera.

"As I told you, everything is provided for you. First, remove your clothes. They will be returned to you at the conclusion of our business."

Katie pressed the button for the privacy screen between driver and passengers. Nothing happened.

"Is there a problem?" Katie had a feeling Amber wasn't asking about the screen.

"No, of course not," she replied, dutifully. Katie unzipped her dress.

"Place everything in the suitcase. Don't worry, no harm will come to your things." OK, but what about me?

Katie did as she was instructed. Her nerves were humming like the strings of a guitar being played hard. She was in no doubt that Amber was playing with her. And unlike with Rob, Josh and all of the others, Katie could see no way to exert her own control. It was terrifying. And thrilling.

"Nice choice of underwear," said Amber when Katie had stripped to her black lace bra and thong. "But not necessary. Into the case please." Blushing, Katie obeyed. She glanced at the driver, but his eyes were on the road. At least the windows are tinted this time.

Naked, Katie sat on the seat uncomfortably. This is ridiculous. Hundreds of guys have seen every bit of your body in gynecological detail and you love it. Now you have an audience of just one. She forced herself to lean back on the leather seat, thrusting out her mouthwatering tits and spreading her legs.

"Very nice. I see you shaved for me. Your cunt is quite beautiful." The voice was breathless. I think she's playing with herself. Yes, she's getting off watching me.

"Thank you," Katie said, with a sexy smile that was genuine. Maybe I'm not so powerless after all.

"Your jewellery into the case too." Katie removed her simple earrings, then reached for the pendant. "Stop! Actually I like that, keep it on. Now, you see the toiletry bag? Open it."

Inside were some items of makeup, hair products, and a small mirror. Katie pulled out an expensive looking lipstick and read the label. Jezebel Scarlet. Oh boy.

"Your appearance, while very lovely, isn't quite what I had in mind. I'd like you to modify it using the items in there. The guiding words you should keep in mind are 'total whore.'"

Katie worked quickly, fighting both the car's movement and the nervous tremble in her hands. Soon her face and hair had been teased and painted into a look that screamed only one thing: I get fucked for money.

"Oh, that's perfect. Now you look like a proper call girl. When you're done, open the shoe box."

Inside was a pair of exquisite sandals with a four inch heel. They were made of a thin, soft black string-like material that ran over the toes, then extended up in a mass of strands to wrap around the ankles. The heels were polished chrome.

Katie slipped them on and fussed with the cords until they were tied to her liking. These were the rich elite version of fuck-me shoes.

At the bottom of the shoe box were more items. Katie pulled them out to find three jewellery boxes of different sizes. The first contained a bracelet that was too wide for her wrist. Katie understood and snapped it around her ankle, over the ties from the shoe. The second was a long string, much too big for her neck. Katie slipped the belly chain around her waist, where it sparked above her tattoo.

The final box contained earrings, long strings that slipped through her ears to dangle either side of the lobe. All of the jewellery was made of some silvery material, probably white gold or platinum. Every inch or so a tiny diamond chip sparkled along their lengths. Like the shoes, they indicated that Katie was expensive, but very much a whore.

She reached for the garment bag. "Not yet!" snapped Amber. "Open the clutch."

Katie picked it up. It was heavy. Inside was a small, purple egg-shaped vibrator with what looked like a plastic-coated aerial coming from one end, and a couple of spots which were shiny bare metal. Underneath it was a giant gold butt plug with a similar aerial.

"You can guess where those go. Put them in."

Katie gently slipped the egg into her cunt. It disappeared easily; she was soaking. The butt plug was a mare difficult prospect: it was huge, much bigger than Katie's own. No lube was to be found in the bag or the suitcase.

Oh well. Katie took the plug into her mouth. It stretched her lips as if it were Pat's cock. She slicked it with as much saliva as she could, even spitting on it once it had slipped from between her lips. Some of the whorish lipstick was smeared over the gold surface too.

Katie lay back on the seat with her feet braced against the car's roof, and started working the toy into her arse. She bit her lip and hissed. Ohhh, that hurts.

After a struggle, Katie's ring gave in. The toy popped into place.

"Very nice," said Amber, her heavy breathing loud over the speaker. "Stay in that position, and grab your ankles. Don't let go."

Katie did as she was told again. Do I have to stay like this for the whole riooOOOOHHMYGOD!!

Both toys started vibrating with a powerful intensity. Katie writhed in the seat. She moved her hands down to her clit.

There was a different buzz and suddenly Katie was engulfed with pain. The toys apparently also had the ability to deliver a harsh electric shock. She squealed.

"Do not let go of your ankles," commanded Amber's disembodied voice. "You are my plaything tonight, you'll do exactly as I tell you. If you don't, there will be punishments. Clear?"

"Mmmm, oh God... yes! Clear!" Katie moaned, the toys driving her wild as she resumed the position. The tiger was practically lying on its back drooling with overstimulation.

Her driver took an agonisingly slow route through the back streets of the city, while Katie moaned and sobbed and clung to her ankles for dear life. Amber was an expert in being able to tell when Katie was on the blinding edge of a huge orgasm, and would at that point dial back the vibrations to almost nothing.

Almost. Eventually Katie was so worked up that when she was about to hit her peak and the toys retreated, the remaining mild buzz was enough to push her into a devastating climax. There was a pop as one of her heels punctured the plush leather of the roof lining.

"Oops!" said Amber. "Well, that's enough fun for now. Put on what's in the suit carrier. Don't remove the toys." Toys which, while on the lowest setting, were still humming away in Katie's holes.

Already exhausted, she forced herself off the seat. Her hands shook as she opened the bag. The garment inside had no label, but it was obviously another hugely expensive item. A backless cowl-neck dress made of a rich black fabric shot through with metallic thread. It was cut so low in front that the tiger butterfly of her tattoo was visible. So low in fact that it almost exposed her cunt, but there was hardly any need to since the dress was so short her labia peeked out below the hem.

The back was no better. The thin strip of material that could laughingly be called a skirt left the top half of Katie's delectable backside exposed. If the light was at the right angle it would probably wink off the toy in her butthole.

Katie was dressed in an outfit that cost more than her outstanding rent, and yet it screamed "WHORE!" to anyone who would look. And everyone was definitely going to look.

Katie had only minutes to repair her makeup and hair before the chauffeur was holding open the door. She hesitated. Come on, sh

e chided herself. Like Katie Star hasn't been naked in front of the whole world before.

Outwardly she oozed confidence as she took the chauffeur's hand, revelling in flashing her shaven cunt to the rich city boys standing outside the hotel smoking. Jaws dropped as she strutted past, trying to keep the shake out of her knees. It was from the toys still quietly tormenting her, or adrenaline, probably both.

The front of the dress swayed dangerously as she walked. There had of course been no tape or other means of securing it in the car. A strong breeze or a fast turn of the head and Katie's rock-solid nipples would be out for all to see. As it was they were obvious through the thin fabric of the dress.

A stunned flunky opened the door and Katie Star stalked in like she owned the place. Her cunt hummed as every eye drank in the priceless filth that was her.

A dark suited hotel employee was approaching, his expression unreadable. Katie braced herself for a verbal dressing-down. Not that there's much dress to take down.

Instead the man said "Miss Star?" She nodded. "This way please. Ms. Bates is expecting you."

Katie was led through the plush bar, with everyone, male and female, drinking in her strut. DIscreet lighting sparkled off her dress, her anklet, the chain around her waist, the pendant that hung between precariously bouncing tits. "Whore!" muttered someone. A few nasty laughs.

You couldn't fucking afford me, thought Katie, supressing a smile. And you probably couldn't handle me anyway.

Her destination was, inevitably, at the very far end of the room. Amber's table was discreet, in one corner, but still visible to anyone lucky enough to be seated in that part of the bar. Katie's employer for the night didn't look that much different than she had in the scene from over a decade ago. The dark hair and lithe body were the same. The face had more lines but they suited her.

And the eyes. The hypnotic, ebony-pool eyes that now saw Katie in the flesh, eyes that seemed to burn away the dress with the heat of their stare.

Amber wore a long red dress that fastened at the throat, but it clung to her like a second skin. There was clearly nothing beneath. A long split revealed an expanse of toned, brown legs that ended in red stilettos.

The older woman regarded her for what seemed like several minutes but was probably only seconds. She fiddled with something in one hand. Suddenly the toys in Katie's cunt and arse sprang back to life.

Katie moaned, breathing hard. One nipple popped free. She tried not to let her knees buckle.

Amber smiled. "Sit." she said tersely.

The flunky pulled out a chair and Katie sat down carefully. She gripped the edge of the table, knuckles turning white.

The toys clicked down to their previous low setting and Katie exhaled, adjusting her dress. "Ms. Bates, I'm Katie. A... pleasure to meet you."

Amber laughed, not unkindly. "I would say the pleasure is all mine, but there's going to be more than enough for both of us. How do you like the outfit I picked out for you? Tell me the truth."

Katie considered. "I fucking love it. This may be hard to believe after my recent, um, experiences, but this is the most I've felt like a whore in my life." Katie's chest rose and fell with excitement. "It's a wonderful feeling."

Champagne glasses were placed before them and filled by a waiter who somehow managed not to spill a drop while his eyes were focused on Katie's tits. He can definitely see a nip from there, she thought happily.

"Khloé did not exaggerate about you," said Amber, apparently warming to her date. "She said, 'you won't believe it, but she's an even bigger slut than I am.' And to be honest I didn't believe it after some of the things that little bitch and I have done together. But I'm starting to see what she meant."

Katie took a sip of champagne. It was sublime. "I'm already a couple of glasses ahead of you," said Amber. "Knock that back, I'd like you to catch up." Katie gulped down the contents of the glass. The pleasant alcohol buzz was immediate. The waiter immediately appeared and refilled her glass.

Katie was unsure if she was supposed to attempt small talk. "So, Khloé told me you're a lawyer?"

"And she also told you I paid for my training doing porn." It was simply a statement of fact, there was no anger in Amber's voice. "That's right, I got my LLB with my pussy and arse, then worked my way up. Now I'm very, very good, and in demand."

"Khloé showed me, um, some of your work. It seemed to me that you looked a little uncomfortable?"

Amber laughed again. "That stupid college scene, right? She uses that like my calling card. You're right, I was never a big anal fan, but needs must and all that. From what I've seen, you don't have that problem."

"No, I love anal." For the last week and a bit, anyway. "I might even like it more than getting my pussy fucked." Speaking so brazenly to this gorgeous woman was as intoxicating as the booze.

"That's good," smiled Amber. "I bet if I asked you to, you'd bend over this table right now and let the waiter fuck your arse in front of this whole bar. I wouldn't even have to shock you; you'd do it willingly."