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I'm Not At The Office - Resources

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Below is a list of resources for remote workers and digital nomads. Be sure to check back often for an expanded list which we update as often as possible.


Remote Inc

This service lets you remotely incorporate your business in Singapore.

Estonian E-Residency

This service lets you sign up to become a digital resident of Estonia.

Liberland E-Residency/Citizenship

This service lets you sign up to become a digital resident of Liberland and eventually apply for citizenship.

Company Register of Liberland

Register your company in Liberland.



This is a website where you can learn a variety of skills that can help you in your career. Classes are entirely online and are taught by accredited universities from all over the world. Many programs can be studied for free. Some programs will offer certification for a low fee. 


This is a website where anyone can learn a skill or develop a hobby. Courses are created by anyone - so you may also teach courses on any skill you see fit.


This website also lets you learn courses in a variety of fields, taught by anyone who signs up as a teacher. You can learn skills as well as teach your own courses.


Our recommended Job boards are We Work Remotely, Remote OK, Remotive.io, and Remote.co

Another great option is FlexJobs where you can find jobs that you otherwise wouldn’t find elsewhere. There is a team of experts who can match you to your ideal job.

If you know you want to live the Digital Nomad lifestyle, check out Working Nomads. They post jobs that are specifically catered to the Digital Nomad lifestyle.

If you want to make sure you find a full-time job, we suggest Remote Work Hub. They focus on long-term, permanent remote jobs.


For researching the best digital nomad hotspots, head on over to Nomad List.

For finding coworking spaces around the world, we suggest Coworker and Workfrom

We’d also suggest watching these great YouTube channels for digital nomadism:

Traveling With Kristin (for seeing the best digital nomad hotspots),

Johnny FD (for traveling, dropshipping, passive income, and how to live your best digital nomad life), 

Chris The Freelancer (for digital nomadism and learning how other nomads earn their income), and 

Livin That Life (for traveling, Amazon FBA, and interviews with other nomads.)

If you are interested in the F.I.R.E. community (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and digital nomadism, check out Nomad On Fire.

We also suggest attending a future Nomad Summit and catching up with their past talks.

If you fall in love with digital nomadism and wish to make it a regular part of your life, you may consider additional passports, residencies, and incorporating your business offshore.

For this, we suggest following Nomad Capitalist, Flag Theory, and Passport Index.

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