I'm His? Pt. 02

I'm His? Pt. 02

* This is a part 2, if you haven't check out part one! As I stated before nonconsent is NOT cool in real life but it's a fun fantasy. *


It had been weeks since the first encounter and anxiety riddled her to the core. She didn't know why but she hadn't bothered to have the locks changed. She knew she should but thinking about the door opening at any point her pussy ached. She tried to ignore it, the shame filling her every time her hand slid into her panties and she brought herself to orgasm. Some nights she laid in bed for hours, staring at the door to her apartment, she was filled with dread and then disappointment every time the door didn't open. Maybe he wasn't coming back, maybe he was just trying to scare her into not telling anyone.

She was starting to get comfortable again, the attack in the back of her mind as she went on with school and her normal life. She quit her job at the bar, finding a day job that didn't keep her out so late. She was home at an early enough time that if she was ambushed in the hallway, someone would be home and able to get to her easily. She fell into a nice pattern of school, work, home and on the weekends she spent time with the girls making sure one of them walked her to the door.

A whole month after the incident and she finally felt back to her happy, bubbly self she had been before everything. It was a Saturday night and she waved at her girlfriend from the door of her apartment building and walked barefoot down the hall to her apartment, swinging her shoes in her hand as she unlocked her door and slipped into her apartment. She wore a loose fitting sundress, under it she wore a mismatched bra and panty set - her bra was a strapless, pink and lightly lacey little thing, nothing too sexy. Her panties however were a sexy light blue thong, the straps hugged around the curve of her hips.

Yawning as she pushed the door shut and locked it, she pulled the dress up over her head and tossed it to the hamper that she kept by the door. She was on her way to the bathroom before she froze in her tracks. A sense of dread washed over her as she stood in her bra and panties, she turned to see him sitting on the edge of her bed. She tried to calculate what moves she could make, the door which she had just locked or the bathroom.. But her phone was in her bag that she dropped by the door. She could see him get up, she didn't have much time to decide. Bathroom it was, right as she felt like she could force her legs to move she felt the distance closed, his arm wrapping around her waist. He held her there tightly, almost as if she was his lover. His other hand came to rest around her throat, giving a light squeeze as he leaned his head down to whisper in her ear, "Miss me, princess?"

His voice spread both fear and sensations she didn't want to feel in her body, she could feel a wet spot start to form in her thong, a soft whimper escaped her as she tried to find the urge to fight against him. "No!" She hissed at him, half bravely and half quietly, her body started to squirm, trying to get free from his grasp. He growled and this was the first time he has truly sounded threatening to her. It sent a new type of fear through her, causing goosebumps to rise on her sun kissed skin. She stupidly did not go still, her legs kicking a little, body twisting. His grip tightened around her waist and throat, on the verge of taking away her ability to breathe. Her hands went up, trying to pry his arm away from her throat. His grip hardened until she was gasping for air and he growled out, "Are you going to behave?" Her body went still and she tried to nod, her hands falling to her side. Getting the point he loosened his grip.

She inhaled a big breath, slumped in his embrace, "Tell Daddy you're going to behave.. Tell me that you're daddy's little slut and you'll obey me." She felt the tears spring into her eyes as his hand that was on her throat slid into the cup of her bra, wrapping around her breast palm rubbing against her hardening nipple as he squeezed and groped, waiting for her to say what he told her. She refused her lips closed tight, not giving into the feeling of his palm or his demand. His fingers went to her nipple and he began squeezing tightly, pulling and twisting making sure to make it painful. She cried out, a tear running down her cheek, his mouth was against her ear, "Fucking say it, slut!" He didn't stop the painful assault on her nipple, his other hand joining in on her other nipple.

The pain flooded her body, making tears escape but also making her pussy ache, the pain was too much, her voice ringing out, "I'm going to behave, Daddy! I'm your little slut and I'll obey you!" He eased his painful attack on her nipples and started rubbing the now very sensitive nubs before pulling away and leaving her feeling needy and relieved. He grabbed her long blonde locks, that cascaded down over her shoulders, and he began pulling her toward the bed where he sat on the edge before letting go. He had no patience tonight, "Naked, now." His hand came down over her ass, hard. It was a slap of warning that if she didn't do as he said she'd feel even more pain. Her hands were shaking as she reached up and removed her bra, turning toward him as her breasts spilled free. Her nipples were painfully pointed out, still hurting from the aggressive touch from earlier. Her hands slipped down toward her thong, sliding them down and off her body.

Her shaved pussy was soaked already. His hand roughly went between her legs, shoving them apart as his finger ran over her slit. His other hand took the panties from her hand before bringing them to her mouth a finger roughly shoving into her tight walls causing her to gasp. He used the opening of her mouth to shove the wet panties inside and she tasted herself on them before her mouth closed around them, his finger was working in and out of her, his thumb coming to rub her clit, "Now, I was nice to you last time but since you want to be so disobedient tonight it looks like we're going to be teaching you exactly who is in charge here. If you cum without my permission you will be punished. If you resist you will be punished. You will learn who the fuck you belong to. My name is Sam but it's daddy to you." His fingers had continued to work her as he spoke, she could barely focus on his words. She could feel the orgasm already starting to build, his words replaying in her mind.

Her moans were muffled against the panties in her mouth as he brought her to the edge of her orgasm and just as she was about to tumble over the edge he pulled his hand away. She whined in disappointment but secretly felt relief as she escaped punishment. He got up and she felt frozen in fear as he towered over her, she was only 5'2 and he seemed to be roughly 6'0 or higher. He has grown some facial hair, matching the dark brown locks on his head. She watched as he slowly took off his shirt, exposing one hell of a body. His body was well defined, he didn't have a six pack but it was pretty damn close. He tossed his shirt to the floor before he started to undo his jeans pushing down both the jeans and his boxers. His hard, thick, throbbing cock sprung free, she forgot how large he was and how threatening it looked.

Her heart started to race, the wetness between her legs intensified as she remembered the feeling of his pulsing deep inside of her. She went to take a step back, subconsciously trying to flee from what she knew was going to happen next. He noticed and his hand went and tangled into her hair again, tugging her head back and forcing her eyes to stare into his intense green ones, "What did I say about resisting? Strike one." She whimpered as he pulled the panties from her mouth, throwing them to the side, his hand tightened in her hair as his lips crushed down onto hers as she was held in place. She couldn't help but kiss him back when his fingers found her clit again, rubbing and pressing her to the edge of an orgasm again. His lips broke free from hers but his gaze never left her face. He pulled his hand away and then pulled her by the hair, throwing her down on the bed before getting onto the bed behind her.

"Are you ready for Daddy's cock, you little slut?" He said as he positioned himself behind her, the head of his hard cock pressed against her entrance. His hands went to her hips and he didn't wait for an answer before he slammed inside of her. He fully buried himself in that one thrust, she gasped out as he filled her feeling the walls of her pussy welcoming him with how wet she was. He kept himself buried there for a few moments, one of his hands sliding up from her waist into her hair again. He gripped the locks and tugged her head back as he pulled his cock out only leaving the tip and slammed back into her again. She moaned in both pleasure and pain as he began a quick and hard pace. He slammed so hard his hips met hers, his balls slapping against her. Her breathing was hard and she could hear him saying things like "Fuck, baby, take it." and "Oh, fuck, so tight around Daddy's cock."

Her mind was fighting with her body again, she didn't want this but her body did. It was obvious in the way her hips bucked back against his, matching his thrusts. Her own moans and pleas were escaping, she didn't even recognize herself, "Daddy, harder, please.." and "oh fuck, please don't stop, please let me cum.." But even as she begged, he never gave her his permission. Her body was shaking with the need to cum but the fear of being punished as he kept pounding into her, brushing against her cervix with each thrust. She couldn't hold it back anymore, her walls clamped down around his cock and she cried out, burying her face against the pillow, she felt the hand slip from her hair and slide to her ass. His hand rubbed over her ass, grabbing it as he paused his thrusts. He kept just the head inside, teasing just an inch or two, "I told you not to do that.."

She felt his hand pull away and then without warning it came down on her ass with a loud WHACK and then he plunged deep into her at the same time. She let out a little scream into the pillow as the pain of the slap registered. She didn't have long to register or adjust before he started fucking her hard at a slow downed pace again. With each plunge into her another WHACK filled the room, the mix of the pain and the pleasure was driving her close to orgasm again. His hand on her ass hurt but his cock filling her took her away from that pain for a few seconds. His pace quickened as did the sound of the smacks filling the room. Her ass had to be the color of a tomato right now before she could stop herself, "Please Daddy can I cum!?" Finally the smacks stopped and he went back to fucking her at that dreadfully amazing pace, filling her so fast and completely as her hips went back to his, his voice husky as ran his nails down her back, "Cum for me, princess. Now!" He demanded and she did, her walls trapping his cock deep inside of her as his cock started twitching inside of her releasing thick ropes of hot cum right against her cervix.

She whimpered quietly as he pulled from inside of her, feeling his cum drip from inside of her, the smell of their sex filling the room. She expected him to get up and leave like last time but instead he laid on the bed next to her, grabbing her and pulling her into him. She was too tired to fight it, her body curled up next to his, her eyes were closed and he ran his fingers through her hair, "See, when you're a good girl you get rewarded.. Just accept being mine and I can make you cum like that always." Her ass was stinging, her pussy was sore from the pounding and she could feel sleep trying to take her, she wanted to yell at him that she didn't belong to anyone, that she wasn't his but she couldn't find her voice as the darkness stole her consciousness, she hoped that he would be gone by morning. She felt his grip on her tighten before she completely fell asleep.. She was definitely changing those locks.